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Please Install the Black Desert launcher to start the game.

1 Run the downloaded - file to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Please start the game once installation is complete.


Notices [Notice] [November 9th] Hotfix Patch
Black Desert 2018-11-09 00:00

Hello, Adventurers.


We’d like to announce the updates made to the Black Desert as of 2018, November 10th (Wednesday).


This update will remove the quick camera turn and will fix the network connection is an unstable error message.


In order to download the hotfix, you were supposed to download an about 200mb update,


but instead, there was an issue that caused you to download the entire game again.


Now, we are trying to find out the reason as well.


We would like to deeply apologize for this inconvenience, and we will be compensating adventurers for the lost time with a Lahr weapon and Clothes set. (Only available for accounts created before 10th of November 12:00 pm PST)


We are committed to making the best game possible for your play.


I hope to see you soon in Black Desert world again.


Thank you.



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