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Notices [Notice] End of Beta Survery
Black Desert 2018-11-12 06:30



It has been such a wonderful beta period. We had a blast spending the time with you guys.

Although we had our ups and downs, we hope that everyone enjoyed their time getting a taste of the Black Desert world.

We're about to have the fireworks show to finish off the beta. Make sure to take some screenshots, post it on any social media channel with the hashtag #BlackDesertBeta and post the link on the forum event post. 

There is an event where you have a chance to get a limited edition Black Spirit Wireless Phone Charger.

Also, last but not least, your feedback really matters to us, so make sure to fill out this survey and let us know what you think.

This feedback will really help us make improvements to the game so that we can bring everyone an even better experience in the Black Desert world on Xbox.

Thank you again for making this beta such a wonderful experience. We look forward to seeing everyone at launch. 




Thank you,
From all of us on the Black Desert Team


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