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GM Notes [GM Note] The Blade of Aal, Bringer of Blackstar’s Paradise
Black Desert 2020-07-22 00:00


“The Blackstar shall deliver us all to paradise.”


Pounding at Aryeli’s Gate in northern Valencia, the fragments of chaos furiously work to break through. As the divine master of sand, the Hashashin holds this evil at bay while attempting to uncover the truth of the Blackstar, rumored to be what will bring paradise to all.



Combat Style

The beauty of his crescent-shaped Shamshir, reminiscent of a crescent moon, belies how quickly Hashashin can sweep through desert foes with ease. His Haladie, brimming with sand magic, affords him the ability to manipulate and meld with sand itself. Able to disappear and reappear in an instant, or summon countless whirlwinds to shred his foes, his repertoire of abilities leaves his dumbfounded enemies no way to counter.


Blessed with the divine power of Aal, the Hashashin’s blindingly fast movements and precision strikes deal critical damage to enemies.


Embark on an adventure with the Hashashin to discover the truth of the Blackstar!




Major Skills


Sand Slicer


Charge forward and slash the enemy in an instant.

 The opponent is struck with such speed they will simply collapse, never realizing they were even attacked.



Piercing Tornado


Envelope yourself within a violent tornado, then hurl yourself towards your enemies.

 Anyone caught within the tornado’s grasp will be flung into the sky.



Hourglass of Defiance


Call forth a gust of sand to make an imprint at your current location.

You can return to this location while you are within a certain distance.





The sand magic contained within Haladie summons quicksand and a biting wind to subdue enemies.

As enemies are ripped apart by the wind, they are pulled into the quicksand like a vacuum.





Empower your Shamshir with Haladie’s power, then thrust it into the ground.

The ensuing sandstorm will clear all poor souls caught in its path.


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