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GM Notes [GM Note] Arena of Arsha
Black Desert 2020-08-26 09:00


Greetings, Adventurers!


For many Adventurers, the highlight of Black Desert is probably the exciting, PVP content where they can showcase the growth that they attained through challenging quests and missions to their fellow Adventurers.


Many of you have put your skills to the test by participating in epic battles or 1:1 duels on the Red Battlefield and in Battle Arena. Now, you’ll have one more option to choose from! Arena of Arsha has finally opened its doors to those who wish to team up and showcase their might to opponents!


In the Arena of Arsha, you can become the host as an “Operator”. Choose a battle mode, and you’re all set! Enjoy the match, and give a great show to your opponents and spectators.



Entering and Hosting a Match

You must be a guild master to reserve a match in the arena. Find the Arena of Arsha window in the main menu and choose the date you wish to host your match on.


- The arena can be booked one week in advance and can be accessed on the reservation date for the entire day.

- The Arena of Arsha is run separately on each server except those where Node or Conquest Wars are in progress.

- Reservations require 10 million silver (withdrawn from guild funds). You will not get a refund if you cancel the reservation.


On the reserved date, the guild master or officer can obtain the “operation rights” needed to enter the arena from the Arena of Arsha window on the guild menu.


Adventurers can be given the authority by the guild master or officer.

Once you have obtained the operation rights, you are ready to host a match in the arena through the main menu!



Preparing for Battle

Enter the arena and press the Arena of Arsha window on the main menu again to view the Battle Settings window.



- You can invite other adventurers to the match through the Battle Settings window.

- Adventurers who received an invitation will be added to the waiting list.

- Participants of the battle can be placed into teams in two ways:

① The operator can select the character’s name on the list and place them in a specific team.  

② The participant can choose the team on their own.


During this process, Adventurers can choose to place themselves back on the waiting list at any time if the battle has not started.


If the operator ticks the “Invite Spectator” button when inviting an Adventurer, they will also be added to the list of spectators.


Adventurers listed as spectators are only allowed to watch the battle from the stands.


The operator can select a suboperator to help manage certain aspects of the match.

Suboperators will have the authority to invite or ban Adventurers at any time.

Operators can choose a suboperator by pressing the character’s name and select “Promote.” This will give them the role of the suboperator.




If the operator wants to restrict Adventurers from entering, they can press the open/close button on the menu in the Arena of Arsha window (△/Y) and close the Arena of Arsha window.



All the adventurers who have entered the arena can move freely in it, but some actions including the use of skills will be limited.

In addition, you will not be able to see other adventurers while you are on the waiting list. Your team and the opponents will be displayed once you are placed in a team.


When the battle begins, you will only be able to see adventurers in the battlefield, and the audience will be invisible.


Available Abilities




Team Settings

Match Settings

Spectator Mode



























Setting Up Matches

Once you enter the arena with operation rights, you can set rules for the battle.

Available modes are “Team Match”, “Survival”, and “Individual Battle.” Basic rules that apply to the specified modes are as follows:


Common Rules (for all modes)

- All buffs (food, elixir, furniture effect, etc.) will be removed once you enter the arena.

- Black Spirit’s Rage will reset to 0%.

- Food and elixirs cannot be consumed during the battle.

- Buffs applied through character skills will be available.

- Both normal potions and battlefield-exclusive potions can be used.

- The cooldown of the Black Spirit’s Rage and Emergency Escape will be reset after each round.

- Reductions to maximum HP and HP Recovery will be in effect during Team Match and Survival modes depending on the amount of time that has passed. The amount of recovered HP will be capped in accordance with the reduced maximum HP.

- For Individual Battles, a maximum HP Reduction debuff will be applied to adventurers who have won successive matches. The maximum HP will be reduced further in proportion to the number of successive victories.

- If all the opponents (or other teams) are not defeated within the given time, the total remaining HP of all surviving participants will be calculated per team, and the team with the highest sum will be the winner.


For Team Match and Survival, effects reducing maximum HP & HP Recovery will be applied to all participants based on the time passed.

- When passing ⅓ of the time limit:  

If your current HP exceeds 80% of your max HP, your current HP will be decreased to below 80%.

The amount of HP recovered through potions and HP recovery skills will fall to 80%.

You cannot recover more than 80% of your max HP.

- When passing ⅔ of the time limit:

If your current HP exceeds 50% of your max HP, your current HP will be decreased to below 50%.

The amount of HP recovered through potions and HP recovery skills will fall to 50%.

You cannot recover more than 50% of your max HP.


Team Match Rules

- Two teams will fight against each other until one team is completely wiped out.

- When the battle begins, each team will be teleported to their respective starting points located on the sides of the arena.

- The first team to achieve the number of required victories set by the operator will be crowned the winner.

- Characters that die cannot be revived until the end of each round.

- Characters that die will be revived at the end of each round and will be teleported to their team’s starting point.

- When the battle ends, the results of the round will be displayed and characters that have died will be revived.


Survival Rules

- Multiple teams will participate in the battle during the given time limit. The last team standing will take the victory.

- If at least one team member survives until the end of the match, it will be considered as the survival of the whole team.

- Survival is a single-match mode, which means that once you die, you cannot revive until the end of the match.

- The condition for victory (ex. the number of teams remaining at the end of the match) can be set by the operator.

Ex.) If the condition for victory is to have two teams remaining, the match will continue until there are only two teams left in the arena. Those two teams will be the winners.

- In this mode, other adjustments to team settings cannot be made.     


Individual Battle Rules

- Participants will be divided into two teams where one member from each team gets to engage in a duel every round.

- The operator can assign one person from each team as the leaders of their respective teams.

- Once the battle begins, the leaders must choose one person that will compete in the duel within 30 seconds.

- If the leader does not make the choice in the given time, one member will be selected randomly by the system.

- Any participant who wins their 1:1 match can participate in the following rounds.

- When a team has no more eligible members remaining, they will lose the battle.


Other Rules

- The operator cannot enter the Arena of Arsha while in a party.

- You cannot join a party after entering the arena.

- The party leader must first be invited before they can enter the arena.

- Other party members will be automatically invited to the arena after the leader successfully enters.

- Party members must accept an invitation to enter the Arena of Arsha.



Time to Fight!

After setting conditions for the teams and matches, the operator can begin the battle by pressing the start button on the Settings window.

When the round begins, a system message will appear after 20 seconds notifying everyone that the battle has begun. The starting point of participants will be adjusted based on the rules.


Team Match/ Individual Battle

You will be teleported to the starting point located on the sides of the arena.


You can move freely without being teleported.


Since multiple teams join in Survival mode, you will not be teleported to a starting point. Hence, you must equip your gear beforehand by going to an AoA Guard. AoA Guards can be found at the two starting points in the arena. You can purchase battlefield-exclusive potions or repair your gear through these NPCs.


After 20 seconds of preparation, the team name will appear above the heads of each participant, and their HPs will be displayed on the left side of the screen during the battle.

Once a round ends in accordance to the rule(s) set by the operator, another 20 seconds will be given for participants to prepare for the next round. When the 20 seconds are up, the next round will begin automatically.

Each team’s score and the remaining time will be shown at the top of the screen.


Operators can stop battles that are in progress.

Also, operators can revive all characters that have fallen in battle by pressing “Revive All.”



You can also lean against the wall or sit on the fence and press △/Y to watch the battle.

While in Spectator Mode, you can adjust the camera freely without bumping into obstacles.


Fingers crossed for your victory!


- Black Desert Console Service Team


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