Notices [Notice] [PS4] Item Packs added to the store
Black Desert 2020-09-23 00:00




You can now purchase item-only Black Desert item packages in the PlayStation store. These packages contain all the items of the new packages but without the game license, which allows users from EU who already own the game to grab the items from the store.


Item Name


Traveler Item Pack


Explorer Item Pack


Conqueror Item Pack



Prices may vary depending on the region, currency, and the exchange rate employed by the PlayStation Store.


Thank You



● These item packs are available for PlayStation 4 Adventurers only.

● These item packs do not contain access to the game.

● After purchasing a new game package, you cannot purchase an item pack of the same edition.

(e.g if you have purchased the Traveler Edition of Black Desert, you will not be able to purchase the Traveler Item Pack).

● For more information about the new game bundles, please refer to our Game Purchase Page.


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