Notices [Notice] [PS4] Change in Game Bundle Purchases (NA/ASIA)
Black Desert 2020-09-04 11:15




In accordance with new PlayStation Store regulations, the following changes have been made to Black Desert game bundle purchases in the NA and ASIA PlayStation Stores.


Schedule for Change in Purchase Conditions:

NA: Starting September 4th, 02:00AM (PDT)

EU: Starting September 4th, 10:00AM (UTC+1)

ASIA: Starting September 4th, 06:00PM (GMT+9)


Purchase Condition Change Details

Before September 4th Change
Explorer Edition, Conqueror Edition, Traveler Edition can all be purchased under one account.

If your account has at least one Black Desert game bundle, no additional game bundles will be available for purchase.


Ex) When purchasing the Explorer Edition, you cannot purchase the Conquerer Edition or Traveler Edition additionally under the same account.

* This change only applies to PS4 users.
* Depending on the circumstances, these changes and time periods may be changed, modified, or canceled.


Due to this change, we are preparing to release new products, similar to the existing game bundles, so that PS4 users can still receive the same discounts.


We will inform you of the release of these new products through a separate notice upon its release.


Thank you.


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