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Notices [Notice] AMA Recap
Black Desert 2019-01-15 01:00

Hey guys, 

Last week we invited everyone to come and ask us anything over on our Reddit. We answered as many questions as we could about Black Desert Xbox, and we had a lot of fun doing it. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the biggest questions in the AMA, and hopefully clarify a few things! 


Will there be a level cap at launch? 

During the AMA we mentioned that there would be a level cap of 50. Unfortunately, mistakes happen and lines get crossed. At launch, there will be a level cap of 55, and we are expecting it to be removed completely soon after launch. 


How many pets will we be able to have? 

There will be a limit of 4 pets for Black Desert Xbox. 


When will Node Wars/Siege Wars be added to Black Desert? 

We feel that there is a need for guilds to get established before going in for Node Wars/Siege Wars in Black Desert. Guilds need to build up numbers, need to reinforce their coffers and generally get a good feel for the game. We will be adding this content slightly later down the line so that guilds have time to establish themselves before going into all-out warfare. 


Will there be an option for 1080p 60fps for the Xbox One X? 

Yes. Although there may be drops in heavily populated areas, the game runs at 60fps for the most part on the Xbox One X without the 4K option being turned on. 


Will the brightness/Contrast be turned down for launch? Beta was too bright! 

Yup, we worked on the overwhelming brightness and toned everything down, so everything should now look much, much better. 


What languages are available at launch? 

English will 100% be there at launch, and we’re hoping to add French and German for launch too. The translations are being polished as we speak and if they are not present at launch, they will be added later. We are also working on a Spanish translation. 


Will there be native support for keyboard and mouse? 

Right now, we have no plans to support keyboard and mouse in Black Desert Xbox.


When will we get X class, how often will updates be? 

We are working on getting a roadmap for you guys to see how we have planned the future of Black Desert. As for classes, while the road map won’t say WHO is getting released, we hope that it will give you an indication of how quickly we want to add other classes to Black Desert Xbox. 


There were also a few things that we wanted to say during the AMA, and the questions never materialized. So we thought that this would be the best place for us to tell you guys. 


All players will enjoy an increase to the base inventory slots, weight and storage slots when Black Desert launches. Weight will double from 150LT to 300LT, Inventory slots will triple from 8 to 24, and storage slots will also triple from 8 to 24. We hope that these increases will help players feel more comfortable in the Black Desert world.


That’s all for our recap. Join us later this week for our first live stream, showcasing some of the beautiful world of Black Desert


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