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Black Desert 2020-09-24 00:00



There are those adventurers who  have been blessed by Arduanatt and have obtained their own Dream Horse, then there are those who have been blessed further and have been selected to receive a PNY Pro Elite 250GB SSD! Congratulations to the following adventurers who will all be contacted soon.

Winners of the PNY Pro Elite 250GB SSD

Servers Winner’s
NA Com*** Vykor*** Jknap*** BigDr*** Du***
Archdruid*** Shivasha*** ThiccSq*** Guyf*** Lothbr***
EU Anxxi*** Th*** Chri*** Croc*** R***
Evol*** IO*** Azmo*** LordsOfWarf*** Eldor***
ASIA Shiny_Fam*** SCR*** Aq*** MAMA*** Jiji3***
Muroe*** H*** INTENS*** N*** Rsm***

- Names displayed are family names. Those selected will receive an email confirming the next steps.



● Those who have won will need to check their mails and proceed with the directions in the Personal Information Collection and Use Agreement. This Email would have been sent to the email that your account is linked to.

● Those who receive this email should submit the Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement by September 28th 2020. 11:59 PM (UTC+1). If this document has not been returned, you will not be able to receive your reward.

● If you are listed in the winners, and do not receive the email. Please make sure to check your spam box as the email may have been sent there.

● The prize is not transferrable to others, and cannot be requested for Cash or other items in kind.

● Once the Personal Information Collection and Use Agreement has been returned, the process will begin in order to deliver the prize, and you will be informed once shipping has started.

● Event content and duration may be changed, modified or cancelled depending on mitigating circumstances. Any other changes will be added to this notice.

● If an account faces sanctions due to violating the terms of service before the date of payment of the prize, the prize may be cancelled and you will not receive it.

● Other Event inquiries should be sent to Customer Support

● Anything not specified on this page is subject to the Event Rules listed on the Black Desert Website.


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