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Notices [Notice] Privacy Policy Amendment
Black Desert 2020-09-29 00:00



We have made edits to our Privacy Policy to comply with various different laws, re-organize the structure of the policies, as well as tidy up the language used. We will provide a brief summary of the changes that have been made to the Privacy Policy, and you can compare for yourself by following the links at the bottom of the page.

Revised: Privacy Policy of Black Desert

Effective Date: 29th, October, 2020


[Major Changes]


In the Preamble we have included our Japanese office, Pearl Abyss JP Co., Ltd, as well as statements regarding the purpose of the policy, such as how the company will protect and use personal data collected.


Section 1: What information does Pearl Abyss collect.

In this section, we have added further explained the extent of our data collection. This includes information about data collected through our website, and data collected via partner services such as Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.


Section 2: Why does Pearl Abyss collect information?

In this section we have explained, in detail, why we collect your data. This includes, but not limited to, confirming delivery of goods that are purchased, to improve gameplay and to ensure that the game runs in a fair manner. We have also added that we analyse this data to further improve services and business of Pearl Abyss.


Section 3: Who does Pearl Abyss share your information with?

This section was expanded to thoroughly explain the parties that Pearl Abyss shares information with. In the case of third parties, without the consent of the relevant user, identifiable personal information is not shared unless required by law or to enforce and protect Pearl Abyss’ rights, property and operations (following relevant laws). We have also listed consigned companies with their duties as well as advertising companies/Social Media, listing their Privacy Policies as well.


Section 4: How long does Pearl Abyss retain the information and how is it deleted?

This section details how long Pearl Abyss stores collected data, and how it is handled under Korean law. We have mentioned why we retain user information, and the period of which Pearl Abyss will keep certain aspects of data. For example, Pearl Abyss will keep communication data for 3 months, but will retain purchase history for up to 5 years. The section now also details how a user would go about deleting that data, and how Pearl Abyss will erase that data. 


Section 5: How does Pearl Abyss transfer information overseas?

In this section, we have added details regarding EU residents as well as contacts if you have further questions regarding the overseas transfer of your personal information as well as requesting discontinuance of said transfers. Discontinuing the transfer of your personal information, however, may lead to limitations when using our official website or game services. 


Section 6. How is the information protected?

In this section, the technology and management of collected data are explained. The additions to this section promise that we have security steps for our database, and that employees are trained in how to effectively manage personal information not only for employees of Pearl Abyss, but also consigned companies that also handle personal data.


Section 7: What information is automatically collected (ex. Cookies)?

Aside from a section title change, we expanded details on what analytical tools we may use (ie. Google Analytics) as well as methods in opting out of receiving targeted advertising. We have also added that refusing to have Cookies saved may lead to the unavailability of some services.


Section 8. What rights and choices do I have pertaining to my personal information?

Along with a section title change, this section lays out the methods that you can control the Personal Information that has been collected, including instructions on how to start the deletion process, and also details the extra rights afforded to members of the European Economic Area and users residing in California, who have extra protections determined by their local laws


Section 9: Children

The section was rewritten and re-organized to clearly state that Pearl Abyss does not intentionally collect nor request personal information from users that are defined as minors in their respective countries. In the event that personal information of a minor was collected, Pearl Abyss will delete the relevant data immediately.


Section 10: How do you contact Pearl Abyss?

The section was rewritten to clearly include points of contact of those who handle user personal information. It includes the Chief Privacy Officer of Pearl Abyss, points of contact for those who reside in South Korea, as well as the points of contact for those who reside in Europe.


Section 11: Overseas Transfer of Personal Information (for Korean Users)

This section was re-titled and rewritten to explain the types of personal information that is transferred/stored outside of South Korea, the countries where that that information is stored, the companies that handle it and the companies’ purpose in handling said information. Contact points for each company is also listed. Users can opt out of the transferring of their personal information, but it may lead to limitations when using services that Pearl Abyss provides.



You can check the changes between the old and new Privacy Policies by following the links listed below:

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