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Elionian Year 275, a lazy spring day.

Seven years have passed since the last ambitious expedition to Valencia ended in failure.

Serendia's king, Crucio Domongatt, let out a sigh noticing in a nearby mirror that the years had not been so kind to him.


Eyes narrowing, Roxanne, wife to the eldest prince, advised,

'It is now time for Your Majesty’s grandiose past to be immortalized in the foundations of a new era.

What better way than to pass on your crown to the wisest heir and live out the rest of your days in peace?'


All three princes—Antonio, Sergio, and Vittorio

were summoned to the throne and knelt before the king, waiting for their majesty’s command.

Momentarily lost in regret, the king finally asked,

“Tell me your loyalty for me and how beloved you are by the people of Serendia. The most worthy prince will be crowned king.”



The Secret Quest Challenge: The Tale of the Fallen Kingdom II has arrived to Black Desert Console! A guide has been prepared for the the Secret Quest Challenge’s quest goals and story characters.

Will you be the one to uncover the truth behind the House of Domongatt, the royal family of Heidel?


Secret Quest Challenge: The Tale of the Fallen Kingdom II - Quests



Quest Riddles

Needed Items


The Hidden Lion




The Aged Lion

Born in the fields, she fled to wilderness, 

where, with the wind, she loved to run all day.

Faster than most, she basked in loneliness.

No tears she shed, for running was her play. 

Show the girl a bunch of that she loved most, 

and a flower, like herself, she will bloom.


Wild Rose of the Tearless Girl


A Prickly Remark

War is always fought with the masses' blood. 

Born to wealth, she stood on the people's side. 

There lie traces of her, hopping from rooftop to rooftop 

for the name of god, god's might, and god's consent. 

Fulfill her will by daring to covet the possession of those

who coveted the possession others, and the path shall open.

Hair Band of a Righteous Thief


Loyalty's Fall

The morning star tops the valley lily's pistil.

Traces of Agris having traveled here past.

The way to the star opens at the right time,

but without patience, it is shut fast.

Dear those who read these words, mark my words.

For in your sight, the truth won't always lie.

Piece of a Lifeless Morning Star


The Young Lion

After the long night, droplets will adorn.

Bend not, nor yield, to the repeating trials.

The strongest, most beautiful, first furloughed,

and their fragrance, the air it shall beguile,

then, like the morn, bright smiles shall welcome thee.

Dewed purple flowers, the start it shall be...

Tears of the Leaves


The King and the King

Find a worthy prey, this you asked of me.

A promise I won't be able to keep.

As for a worthy prey, only one I've seen.

After which, no other I've come to seek.

Look for me no more. Alas, it pains you.

Stilled my breath, on my prey's steps I'm drawn to.

Lips of a Woman in Love


The Prince and the Prince

Stand still by the wharf, with stars sprinkling down like salt,

and listen to the foghorn's sad, lonely tune.

My first love also fell to time's assault,

as my heart to fleeting years not immune.

But my heart remains there with my past love,

as it should wander to places than thereof.

Cloud of Romance


Sheathed Claws

When you're unsure and your heart is confused,

sit by the water, quietly in thought.

At the end of countless strands of thought fused,

like prickly thorns, actions stand out, wrought,

so don't despair if the answers aren't right.

A moment's wits lose to diligence.

Breeze of the Quiet Lands


A Tempting, Secret Accord

At the place where the wing soared high

above the skies and melted down horribly,

I shall wait, away from prying eyes.

So dear brother, don't forget about me.

Our new spirit, stubborn as a mule,

shall not be waiting for us, oh how cruel.

Star that Stays True


An Old Man's Tears

In a world you lived, carried to and fro,

how do you plan on responding, do tell?

Whether it's correct, it matters not so.

Even your thoughts, not important as well.

What's most of value is the people's faith.

I shan't pass, if memories are unscathed.

Maestro's First Piece


The Abandoned

Nina. The name that lit the flames of love,

melting away the cold heart of Constantine.

You atop the stage of my words above,

the sea-soaring lark of beauty unseen.

Like a flower, Nina. A name so sweet.

Nina...from your mind, my name doth retreat?

Rough and Tough Stuffed Duck


The Eagle's Lament

You are not alone. For hope lies in you.

Smile, for you can beat away the headwinds.

Following the light shall lead you askew,

so solely in faith, knock four times within,

then will open, the tightly-shut latch and gate.

Yet time is a swift arrow, it shan't wait.

Soul-Imbued Tree Branch


The End of Philandering

'Tis not coincidence, but more like fate.

The world I desired, the life I sought.

Not found on earth, as I wandered stagnate,

to the place of passion's peak, I was brought.

Strolling through the clouds, if you face by chance, 

no one will know that one died while two pranced.

Toe-Caught Lion


A Sudden End of Hostilities

Behold! Starting from the sun until the very moon.

I stand here past a pitiful gravestone.

Past the icy sun and hardened clouds hewn,

what is needed to reach the moon?

Ye who seeks to achieve first, pay the price.

Ye who attempts last, thank the sacrifice.

Fang of the Full Moon


The Kidnapped Princess

Craving blood, the heart turned pale from waiting,

swallowed up by nature's thick, green embrace.

Beat their back and out it'd come vomiting,

yet clotted blood would not fall from its place.

When the children come to feast on the mother,

keep them in line, scold if out of order.

Heart of the Pale Count


War Hero

My sun, having shrunk and ever so white,

the gift you've bestowed has also turned small,

so live as you wish. It's only your life.

Take it easy. It's okay for you to set.

Is it too late for your fire to burn?

Here's the wood for your heart, you so much yearn.

Broom Made of Fire Arrows


Roxanne's Curse

If I, as wind, swept your hair, you'd not know.

If I, as rain, drenched your clothes, you'd not know.

At the start, I am standing, waiting, so.

At the end, you are standing, waiting, so.

Even if you're tempted, in between, stand firm.

For our child shall be born in order.

Bead of the Nine Tails


Concentrated Dawnlight





Secret Quest Challenge - NPCs






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