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Updates [Update] [Updated] 10/07 Patch Notes
Black Desert 2020-10-07 00:00


The time to make a choice is at hand, as Black Desert console will be bringing succession to the game on a class by class basis. This update will bring succession to 4 of the four founding classes of Black Desert, Warrior, Ranger, Sorceress and Berserker. The update will also bring Rulupee's Adventure Log, balance changes and more to the game! Check out the details below.



Succession Begins

Succession is the ability to lay down your awakening weapons, abandon your past and take up your original weapons with new skills and more powerful variations than you have in your pre-awakening kit. Unlike awakening, there is no way to quickly switch between your Awakening weapons and your pre-awakening weapons. Succession also requires a large amount of skill points to fully utilize.

Dev Comment

The idea behind Succession started from a simple wish, to see a Warrior once again carrying his Longsword and Shield, or a Ranger once again embrace her arrows to rain down pain from the sky.

Compared to combat in a class’s Awakened form, pre-Awakening combat already felt mostly complete and well-constructed, but we wanted to go one step further and bring out the full potential of the pre-Awakening combat system. However, this could not be achieved without a major revamp of existing systems that would make pre-Awakening combat equal to Awakening combat.

So we focused on three major points when we originally began preparing for Succession.

First, we worked with the goal that Main Weapon Skills must be able to compete against Awakening Weapon Skills. It was important for us to make sure that Succession did not fall behind Awakening in PvE as Adventurers went out to defeat monsters.

Second, we reworked certain Main Weapon skills to elevate the appeal of pre-Awakening combat. Although there were variations on how this was implemented for each class, the changes were all aimed at matching the appeal that Main Weapon skills have always had.

Third, we wanted to make it easier for Adventurers to master the controls of the Main Weapons. Main Weapon Skills had the downside of having too many skills available, making it difficult to get used to. With that in mind, we created fewer skills that will deliver the same amount of action as the Awakening Weapon Skills. Succession will bring tactical upgrades with their main skills, and supplement them with Absolute Skills – just as Adventurers did with Awakening Weapon Skills.


So, we present Succession not as an upgrade, but as a second path for Adventurers. It presents a crossroad where you can choose between Awakening and Succession, making our combat system even more enjoyable while offering versatility and choice to all our Adventurers. Additionally, we will continue to work on balancing classes as successions continue to roll out.


In order to begin your Succession quests, you will first need to complete the Awakening quest for the class you wish to perform succession with. Please be reminded, Succession is currently only available for Warrior, Sorceress, Ranger and Berserker. Other classes will be given their successions over time. As we have added succession, you will now find that the Awakening and Succession quests will be under the ‘[Lv. 56] Class. New Power’ tab.

A new Succession tab has been added to the Skill UI, and you will find that Succession skills require certain normal skills to be learned and enhanced in order to learn and use them. 

A % of your awakening AP will be added to your succession AP, so don’t throw away those awakening weapons as they will still apply a bonus to your class. Remember you can still switch back to your awakening if you wish, but this will require a skill reset in order to perform.



In order to begin your succession story, you will have to start the ‘[Warrior Succession] Goyen’s Conviction’ quest line. As you complete the story line, you will learn the skill, ‘Warrior’s Spirit’ which enables you to become even more powerful with a Longsword and Shield. Remember, that if you follow the path to succession, you will forsake your Great Sword. Once the ‘Warrior’s Spirit’ skill is learned, you will be unable to use Awakening skills.



In order to begin your succession story, you will have to start the ‘[Ranger Succession] The Will Inscribed Within’ questline which can be picked up from the Black Spirit. As you complete these quests, you will be able to learn the skill, ‘Feathers of Lemoria’ which grants a Ranger more power with their Longbow. Embracing your destiny will cause you to lay down your Kamasylven Sword, locking you away from your Awakening Skills.



Sorceress’ succession begins with the quest ‘[Sorceress Succession] The Choice’ which can be accepted from the Black Spirit. Once you learn the skill, ‘Abyssal Contract’, your powers channeled through the Amulet and Talisman will greatly increase. Abandoning the Scythe will lock the Sorceress out of their awakening skills.



Berserker Succession embraces the beast within, and begins with the quest ‘[Berserker] The Valor’ from the Black Spirit. Once you learn ‘Feral Roar’, you will be able to unlock the power that courses through your veins and become even more powerful with your Axe. After following your blood right, you will be unable to use your Iron Buster.




  • To switch from Awakening to Succession, you will need to reset your skills in order to learn the Succession requirement skill, and to switch from Succession to Awakening you will need to reset your skills in order to unlearn the Succession requirement skill.
  • Trial Characters will be able to learn the Succession requirement skill, and you can try out Succession with Trial Characters.
  • You cannot use skills on the Succession tab to learn Absolute skills.
    You can use skills in your Main tab and Succession tab in conjunction with each other, you will not be able to use Awakening and Succession skills at the same time.



New Skill UI

The skill UI is finally getting an overhaul. This new UI aims to make it easier to see the skill tree, and the skills required in order to unlock another skill.



You can also switch between Awakening and Succession by selecting the options on the top right of the screen. Skills have also been condensed into three different sections, Primary Skills, Secondary Skills and Passive Skills. This will make it easier to find certain skills instead of scrolling through all the pages.



To learn skills and spend skill points, you need to highlight the skill that you want to learn and press A/X to invest in one level of the skill, or press LT/L2 + A/X to fully learn a skill. In order to remove skill points when possible, you can press Y/△ to remove 1 level, or LT/L2+ Y/△ to completely unlearn a skill.



Reminder: Skills can be reset freely while you are level 56 or below, or with a Secret Book of Old Moon/Armstrong’s Skill Guide active.

To lock skills, you will need to press L3 on the skill.



Mysterious Chests

Mysterious Chests have been added to the game. Mysterious Chests are available for Ring, Earring, Belt and Necklaces, and can be earned from completing the quest that you can accept from Calpheon Market Street, or you can simply purchase it from NPC Boltz in Calpheon Workshop for 100G if you already have the Mysterious Chest Knowledge.

You can also gather 100 Remnants of Mysterious Chest and bring them to NPC Alcott to exchange them for a Resplendent Mysterious Chest. The chests contain one of the following items.

Item Name

Obtain one of the following items

Mysterious Chest – Ring

Eye of Ruins Ring, Ring of Crescent Guardian, Forest Ronaros Ring,

Kagtum Submission Ring, Mark of Shadow,

Remnants of Mysterious Chest.

Mysterious Chest – Earring

Tungrad Earring, Narc Ear Accessory, Blue Whale Molar Earring,

Fugitive Khalk's Earring, Red Coral Earring, Witch’s Earring,

Remnants of Mysterious Chest.

Mysterious Chest – Belt

Tungrad Belt, Valtarra Eclipsed Belt,

Orkinrad’s Belt, Basilisk’s Belt, Tree Spirit Belt,

Ancient Weapon Core, Remains of Mysterious Chest.

Mysterious Chest – Necklace

Tungrad Necklace, Ogre Ring, Laytenn’s Power Stone,

Serap’s Necklace, Ancient Guardian’s Seal, Scarla Necklace,

Remains of Mysterious Chest

Resplendent Mysterious Chest

Tungrad Belt, Tungrad Necklace, Tungrad Earring, Orkinrad's Belt,

Ogre Ring, Laytenn’s Power Stone, Eye of Ruins Ring,

Narc Ear Accessory, Basilisk’s Belt.


To obtain the knowledge of the Mysterious Chest, you will need to complete the Profitable Information quest line. You can find this quest by finding the NPC Rubin in Calpheon, and the quest is available from level 50.

To get the Resplendent Mysterious Chest, you will need to exchange 100 Remains of Mysterious Chest with Alcott in Calpheon.

There are other sets of quests that will allow you to obtain the Mysterious Chest. These quests are available in multiple different cities, and are daily quests. However, if you complete one of these quests in Altinova for example, you will be unable to accept the quest in Grana. They are available once per day, per family and be found in the following places.

NPC and Location


Tranan Underfoe, Velia

For the Newborn Kittens (Fishing)

Edman, Altinova

For the Altinova Festival (Cooking)

Salebin, Valencia

Tenacity for Seeds (Hunting)


Another Hobby (Processing/Cooking)

Dikzipo, Grana

Balance Out of Polly’s Forrest (Combat)


Help Our Captain (Hunting)

Chief Maopan, Duvencrune

Make Me a Safe Path (Combat)


Take Me to the Land of the Desert (Processing)



Rulupee’s Travel Log

The famed explorer, Rulupee, has finally released her Travel Log, and Adventurers the world over are having fun while reading through the books. Read through the book and achieve the goals listed for amazing rewards.

To fill in and unlock the rewards of each log, you will need to complete quests across the Black Desert world. This does not include Daily and Recurring quests that you complete along the way.
The Rulupee’s Travel Log can be received from the Black Spirit after your character reaches Lv. 55. The more quests you complete, the more amazing rewards you can hope to achieve.

The rewards for completing quests are as follows:





Rulupee’s Travel

to Balenos

Complete 101 quests

Max HP +3


Rulupee’s Travel

to Serendia

Complete 150 quests

Max Weight Limit +3LT


Rulupee’s Travel

to Serendia

Complete 255 quests

Max HP +5


Rulupee’s Travel

to Mediah

Complete 400 quests

Max Weight +3LT


Rulupee’s Travel

to Valencia I

Complete 601 quests

Max HP +10


Rulupee’s Travel

to Valencia II

Complete 850 quests

Max Inventory Slot +1


Rulupee’s Travel

to Valencia III

Complete 1,004 quests

Permanent Enhancement Chance +1


Rulupee’s Travel

to Kamasylvia

Complete 4,921 quests

Permanent Enhancement Chance +1


There are also bonus rewards after completing certain stages of the Rulupee Travel Log.


Complete Condition


Discreet Secret Hidden

Between the Pages

of the Travel Log

Rulupee’s Travel to Valencia II

Enchanted Scroll (+40) x1

Exciting Secret Hidden

Between the Pages

of the Travel Log

Rulupee’s Travel to Valencia III

Enchanted Scroll (+50) x1

Special Secret Hidden

Between the Pages

of the Travel Log I

Rulupee’s Travel to Kamasylvia

Enchanted Scroll (+100) x1



Item Changes

Deciphering the language of Ronin is a long and arduous task, but it seems that Tvisa, the tooth fairy of Kamasylvia, has finally deciphered an ancient text which details how to create a new type of Magic Crystal. The Rebellious Spirit Crystal can be obtained by combining the three crystals below, and can my socketed into Sub-weapons.


Item Name Simple Alchemy Ingredient Item Effect
Rebellious Spirit Crystal

Black Spirit Crystal

Awakened Spirit’s Crystal

Valtarra Spirit’s Crystal

Max HP +175

All AP +5

Extra AP against Monsters +5

Skill EXP +5%


Dev Comment

The Rebellious Spirit Crystal is an upgraded version of the spirit crystal that could be obtained through the Main Questline. Many Adventurers have obtained these spirit crystals, and we wanted to bring them up to date. We implemented additional effects of Extra AP against Monsters and Skill EXP increase to aid those seeking to increase their characters power and/or leveling alt. characters.

To help adventurers who are still advancing their characters, we have reduced the weight of certain vendor items in the Valencia region. The following items have had their weight reduced from 0.3LT to 0.1LT.

  • Bashim Mane
  • Desert Naga’s Webfoot
  • Desert Fogan’s Helmet Shard
  • Cadry’s Token


Maximum price of Pearl Shop items on the Central Market have increased.



Content Changes

The rumor mill of Grana has been crafting tales that the great Wacky Toshi has been spotted in multiple new locations across Kamasylvia. They mention that he has been spotted at Polly’s Forest, Navarn Steppe and Manshaum Forest…but he can’t possibly be in all these locations at the same time…right?


The Pit of Undying is also getting further Quality of Life additions. It has been changed so that after losing a match in the Pit of Undying, you can forfeit the quest and reaccept it to fight again. You can also now continue at the level of the fight that you lost to. And the last of this week's changes to the Pit of Undying is that after finished the second duel and receiving the reward, you’ll have a chance to face Yulho in a 1v1 that cannot be reattempted in case of defeat.


Red Battlefield is also getting a slight tweak. To make the map a bit more balanced, both the Black Desert and the Red Desert Armies bases have been changed.






To incentivize Guilds to fight Guild Bosses, you can now obtain Skill EXP from looting them. The following Guild Bosses have had Skill EXP added to their loot tables.

  • Ancient Puturum
  • Ferrid
  • Giant Mudster


Dev Comment

Guild Boss content was created to provide guild members opportunities to get together and defeat bosses. As time passed, adventurers have grown stronger, meaning that the rewards you can get from defeating the bosses has become less appealing. To make it a bit more attractive, we have added Skill EXP rewards. We are also continuing to think about different rewards for Guild Bosses to make it more interesting.


Other Content Changes


  • Purajin of Valencia has been studying the work of Alustin, and has discovered how to convert unused Energy into Energy Potions.


  • The Strong Protection effect you can receive from the Red Battlefield Quartermaster Daz has been increased by about 3 seconds, and a Super Armor effect has also been added to the protection.


  • Two new Simple Alchemy recipes have been created using Whale Tendon Potion/Elixirs.
    • Whale Tendon Potion x3 + Blue Reagent x1 = Superior Whale Tendon Potion x1
    • Whale Tendon Elixir x3 + Blue Reagent x1 = Tough Whale Tendon Elixir x1


    • New crafted furniture options have also been added to the game, and can be crafted in Florin, Tariff and Arehaza Town.


        • Florin 1-3 Furniture Workshop Crafted items added
          • Loria’s Hand Mirror, Onion Pickle Jar, Olive Pickle Jar, Green Herb Pot, Florin Dawn Wall Carpet, Florin Autumn Leaves Wall Carpet, Florin Sunset Wall Carpet.


          • Tarif 2-3 Furniture Workshop Crafted Items added
            • Tarif Gourd-Shaped Bottle, Tarif Pot, Yisar Pjetyo Amulet, Allan Serbin Amulet, Nantusa Letusa Amulet, Tarif White Cedar Jewelery Box, Tarif Blue Stone Jewelery Box.


        • Arehaza 2-1 Furniture Workshop Crafted items added
          • Arehaza Semicircle Carpet, Arehaza Round Carpet, Desert Fogan Flower Pot, Desert Fogan Lamp, Over the Rocky Mountain, Arehaza Town Scenery, Arehaza Palm Forest Scenery


  • A new mode of goods transport has opened up a peculiar new way for adventurers to travel to Iliya island. A tamed Griffon is transporting wooden boxes between the two locations, and adventurers are able to hop on board and travel along with it. If you see the Griffon, you just have to wait until it decides to depart and then you will be lifted into the sky and over the water to Illyia.
    • It takes around 3 minutes after landing for the Griffon to take flight.
    • The Griffon can be found near the Western entrance of Velia, or the north entrance of Iliya.


[Updated] The Amount of ‘Shining Medal of Honor’ that are distributed through Node and Conquest Wars has been increased. We have also adjusted the items that the ‘Shining Medal of Honor’ can be exchanged for.


- Amount of Shining Medal Honors earned upon winning


Before Changes

After Changes

Tier 1



Tier 2



Tier 3



Tier 4




- Amount of Shining Medal Honors earned upon losing


Before Changes

After Changes

Tier 1



Tier 2



Tier 3



Tier 4




- Items that have been added to the Shining Medal of Honor exchange table

Exchangeable Item

Amount of Shining Medal of Honors Required

Offin Tett's Light Fragment


Kutum’s Latent Aura


Offin Tett’s Light Sealed Weapon Box


Kutum’s Sealed Sub-weapon Box



- Adjusted the amount of Shining Medal of Honors required for the following items:


Before Change

After Change

Karanda’s Latent Aura



Advice of Valks (+20)



Dandelion Weapon Box





Quest Changes

A new set of quests has been added through the Black Spirit that will allow you to obtain green and blue grade armors as outfits to place over your stronger armor. These quests can be accepted after completing all regional Main Quests (except Valencia), and the outfits will be places in your Pearl Inventory. These quests can be completed once per character.


Dev Comment

When first playing the game, the change in your character’s appearance as you equip new armors gives a visual representation of growth. Thus, based on this concept, we awarded adventurers who completed the Serendian Main Questline the Serendian Soldier (costume), to which we’ve heard requests for a greater variety of these outfits. So we are adding additional gear appearances for adventurers to wear, but these will not carry the Pearl outfit effect.


We have also added a whole new series of quests to help obtain knowledge of islands in the Calpheon Sea. This series of quests will help you obtain about the Seas of Peyon, Seas of Epheria, Ahrmo Sea and Node Managers of the Calpheon Sea and Epheria Sea. Altogether, this knowledge will give you around 10 energy (if you already have knowledge, you will be unable to earn extra energy). This quest can be started after completing the quest [Boss] Witch-Hunting or Looking for Adventurers quest. This quest line starts with ‘A Mysterious Request’ and proceeds through multiple quests until it finishes with the quest, ‘Bag Full of Stories’.


The Secret Quest has been added, which begins with the quest, ‘The Hidden Lion’.



UI Changes

  • In the Disconnect window, you can now check the equipment equipped by a character alongside the inventory of the characters.
  • You can now go back in the Central Market screen by pressing Y/△.
  • Fixed an issue where the class icon of the party leader was changed to a Witch icon when you experience a loading screen after a party member leaves the party.
  • You will now be notified that the game will reconnect when you leave a guild.



NPC and World changes

  • The Wharf Manager and the Imperial Fishing Manager in Epheria port have had their locations modified slightly so they no longer overlap.
  • A new Marketplace Director, Langka, has opened shop in Shakatu.



Character Balance

All characters will now turn quicker when turning while sprinting.



● Flow: Reckless Blow – Added 2 more hits to the skill’s charged attack.

Whirlwind Strike, Quick Heavy Strike, Charging Heavy Strike – Added preceding skill information to the skill’s descriptions.




● Flow: Tempest – Skill cooldown reduced to 9 seconds, damage increased from 701% x13 → 931% x13.

Waltz of Wind – Skill cooldown reduced to 7 seconds, Damage reduction effect while on cooldown removed.
Flow: Rushing Wind – Skill cooldown reduced to 6 seconds, 2 more hits added to the skill.
Nature’s Tremble – Skill cooldowns reduced as follows

Skill Name



Nature’s Tremble I

23 seconds

19 seconds

Nature’s Tremble II

21 seconds

17 seconds

Nature’s Tremble III

19 seconds

15 seconds

Regeneration – Skill cooldown reduced to 12 seconds.

Black Spirit: Wailing Wing – Removed the text from the skill regarding pushing the target on good hits.



● Predatory Hunt I~IV, Absolute: Predatory Hunt – Fixed the issue where the skills would not activate properly when used while standing on hilly areas.

● Giant Leap I~III – Fixed an issue where using the skill to leap backwards would result in moving a shorter distance through the air. This was fixed so the character will move the same distance as before.

Improved the character voice effects when using skills to sound more natural.





● Fixed an issue where the character would occasionally go into a non-combat stance after moving straight after using a skill from non-combat stance.

Soaring Kick – Fixed an issue where the skill sound would occasionally play multiple times.

● You can no longer summer a ground mount while using a main weapon skill.



Cataclysm – Increased the skill’s speed and improved the skills to combo more fluidly into other skills.

Flow: Magical Evasion – Improved the skill to flow smoother into other skills after using the skills while moving backwards. 

Chilling Wave – Improved the skill to flow better into other skills.



Flow: Magical Evasion – Changed the skill to activate Fissure Wave or Thunder Storm immediately after using the skill backwards.




Projection, Flow: Extra Credit – Changed the Red Blade sound effects of the skills.




Frost Pillars I,II – Fixed the issue where using the skill on cooldown would not activate New Year’s Eve.



Divine Descent – Fixed the issue where the skill’s buff icon was shown in unusual locations.

Glaring Slash I~V, Absolute: Glaring Slash – Fixed an issue where the skills did not appear in the skill guide when comboing them in certain situations.




Crown Kick – Fixed the issue where the skill did not combo into other skills.

Ensnaring Sands – Increased the speed of the attack after sticking the Dual Glaives into the ground.



Other Changes

    • Fixed an issue where already completed or no longer available quests were displayed when going through the Talent quests with multiple Shai characters.
    • Fixed an issue where the NPC Alustin that appears in Glish during the main quest would have duplicate Cut Scene buttons.
    • Fixed various landmark graphic issues.
    • Fixed an issue where the quest ‘How to use Fish in Alchemy’ could not be started.
    • Fixed graphical issues for certain costumes.
    • Some text that appears in game has been cleaned up.
    • Increased movement speed buffs now display a small effect on a character's feet.
      • A new mode of goods transport has opened up a peculiar new way for adventurers to travel to Iliya island. A tamed Griffon is transporting wooden boxes between the two locations, and adventurers are able to hop on board and travel along with it. If you see the Griffon, you just have to wait until it decides to depart and then you will be lifted into the sky and over the water to Illyia.
        • It takes around 3 minutes after landing for the Griffon to take flight.
        • The Griffon can be found near the Western entrance of Velia, or the north entrance of Iliya.



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