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Notices [Notice] Black Desert on PlayStation 5
Black Desert 2020-10-12 00:00




We are pleased to announce that Black Desert will be able to be played from day one on the PlayStation 5. If you already own Black Desert on PlayStation 4, you will be able to play Black Desert on PlayStation 5 at no extra cost.


Not only that, as long as your PlayStation ID remains the same as you transition to the PlayStation 5, you will be able to pick up your adventures from the PlayStation 4 and continue your story.


For more information about backwards compatibility, you can check out the official PlayStation 5 blog highlighting more of the details on backwards compatibility.


PlayStation Blog


We look forward to your continued adventures on PlayStation 5!


(You will also be able to enjoy Black Desert on Xbox Series X/S! Find more details in our previous notice: Link)


Black Desert Console Team


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