GM Notes [GM Note] Secret Quest Challenge: The Tale of the Fallen Kingdom II – Hidden Hints
Black Desert 2020-10-12 00:00



To help you overcome the challenge of unraveling the Secret Quest Challenge, we've prepared a few hints!

* The difficulty level of some of the quests has been lowered.

* The probability of obtaining items that are needed for the following quests has been increased:

- The King and the King

- Sheathed Claws

- The Abandoned

* The number of items required for the following quests has been reduced:

- An Old Man's Tears

- A Sudden End of Hostilities

* The Aged Lion quest has been changed to allow the Wild Rose of the Tearless Girl item to appear even if one Adventurer satisfies the conditions.

* During The King and the King quest, you can obtain the required item even while hunting and/or butchering Giant Wolves.

* The amount of time that the summoned monster stays alive during The Eagle's Lament quest has increased.

* The height and width of certain areas necessary to complete the The End of Philandering quest has been adjusted.


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