GM Notes [GM Note] GM Snapshot Event
Black Desert 2020-10-14 00:00




The Snapshots with the GMs event finished, and the physical albums have finally been printed, and today we’re going to share some of our favorite pictures from the photoshoot and show off the albums that we will be sending out to all the winners.


A huge thank you to the adventurers who joined us, and their character customizations and outfits were amazing! We had a great time taking screenshots, and hope that those who were a part of it also enjoyed their time.


Lets take a look then!

Adventurers on the Asian Server preparing for the day ahead.

Meanwhile the NA GM was lying down on the job.

Ah, it was all for a nice group shot!

EU server found a great location for group shots!

A perfect pairing! Asia server upped the game on matching outfits with locations.

Holding poses in fantastic settings


We’d like to thank all those who stuck around for the photoshoot, despite the long hours!


The albums will be sent to all those who participated!


We can’t share all the pictures, but hope that this small teaser is enough.

We would like to thank those adventurers who joined us, and hope this small memento fills you with happiness!


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