Updates [Update] 11/04 Patch Notes
Black Desert 2020-11-04 00:00




A new update has made its way to Black Desert, bringing with it the new class Guardian, succession for 3 more classes, Garmoth’s Nest, Kratuga Ancient Ruins, and more. Check out the details below.


Major Updates - New Class Guardian

  • Added the new class Guardian.

 - Start playing Guardian today as she enters the world with her Battle Axe and Shield!



[Go to Guardian Events]


Major Updates – Lahn, Striker, Ninja Succession

  • Added Succession for Lahn, Striker, and Ninja.

- You can accept relevant quests from the [New Power] category in the main quest tab once you reach Lv.56.

- You can proceed with succession quests near the spot you complete consecutive awakening quests in the [New Power] category.

- You can reinforce skills using main weapons and sub-weapons by learning successive skills through succession quests of each class.

- Added succession skill descriptions for Lahn, Striker, and Ninja in Overview > Class on the official website.




Succession: Heavenly Waltz


Succession: Striker’s Vigor


Succession: Shadow of Darkness



- You cannot use Awakening Weapons after completing Succession.

- Added the 'Succession' tab in the Skill window.

- Skills in the Succession tab are affected by the AP of your main weapons and awakening weapons.

- You can use the skills both in the 'Main' tab and the skills in the 'Succession' tab at the same time.

- You cannot use skills in the 'Succession' tab to learn Absolute skills.

- You can use skills outside of the 'Succession' tab to learn Absolute skills.

- You must learn the Preceding Skills in the 'Main' tab to learn the skills in the 'Succession' tab.

- You can change between Succession/Awakening by resetting your skills.

- Skill add-ons for awakening will reset when you learn Succession skills and vice versa.

- You can change from Succession to Awakening by resetting your skill. You can learn awakening skills after the reset.

- You can change from Awakening to Succession by resetting your skills, and learn succession skills again.

[Go to Succession Level-Up Events]


Major Updates – Garmoth’s Nest

  • Added 'Garmoth's Nest', a new region, to the Red Battlefield.

- In Garmoth's Nest, Garmoth will randomly attack adventurers by breathing fire both on land and while flying overhead.

- 5 minutes after the battlefield begins, pots will appear all over the region, which you can break to obtain items that grant you powerful buffs.

- If you're killed in Garmoth's Nest, you will randomly be revived from one of three sites that exist per team.

- Pots and Red Battlefield NPCs are available at each revival site, allowing access to obtainable buffs and purchasable potions.

- Select Menu → War → Red Battlefield to enter the Red Battlefield from Garmoth's Nest.




We've added a new map, Garmoth's Nest, to the Red Battlefield. Unlike the existing Red Battlefield, this is a map with an entirely different feel, and we've added some new strategic elements that will spice things up for adventurers already familiar with the battlefield. Besides increasing the size of the map and altering some rules, we're testing out different ideas to continue expanding on the Red Battlefield with new changes and styles of gameplay.


Major Updates – Kratuga Ancient Ruins

  • The new hunting ground - Kratuga Ancient Ruins - was discovered by adventurers.

Kratuga Ancient Ruins is the new hunting ground and it is recommended for Adventurers with around 250 AP. We hope you can move on from the 210 - 240 AP hunting grounds to have an even more enjoyable time at the new hunting ground. If you’re struggling with places like Aakman or Hystria Ruins, this can be a good location for you to hone your skills.

-  You can open the entrance to Kratuga Ancient Ruins at a certain location in Hasrah Ancient Ruins for a limited time by using Black Spirit's Claw Piece or an Unsealed Ruins Slate.

- You can enter and leave the Ruins freely while the gate is opened.

- Unsealed Ruins Slates can be obtained by combining Sealed Ruins Slate x3 which is dropped by monsters in Kratuga Ancient Ruins.

- Recommended AP for Kratuga Ancient Ruins: 250 or higher AP

  • Crystal of Elkarr, a new crystal that can be transfused into main weapon slots, was added.

Crystal of Elkarr

Simple Alchemy

Elkarr x 1

Black Magic Crystal – Precision x 1

Forest Fury x 2

Magical Shard x 10

- The new item gives All Accuracy +12 and Ignore All Resistance +10% when equipped.

-  Elkarr, the material needed to make Crystal of Elkarr, can be obtained in the new hunting ground Kratuga Ancient Ruins as a very rare drop.


Major Updates – UI Editing

  • Added a feature where you can edit your UI.

- You can turn on and off major UIs by editing them through Menu > Settings > Edit UI




  • (NA/EU Server) With the end of summertime, World Bosses, Node Wars and Tribute Wagons will spawn at a different time than usual.




Node War

01:00 ~ 03:00 (UTC)

02:00 ~ 04:00 (UTC)

Conquest War

01:00 ~ 05:00 (UTC)

02:00 ~ 06:00 (UTC)

Tribute Wagon

23:00 (UTC)

24:00 (UTC)

[Notice on time changes for Node/Conquest Wars]

[World Boss Timetable]


  • Improved Navigation in areas bordering Valencia and the desert.
  • Queen Brolina of Kamasylvia has answered a villager's request from Grána and has imported dairy cows from their ally, Calpheon, to start a farm.

- The ranch is located west of Grána.

- The ranch is managed by the [Dreaming Shepherd] Rosaria the Papu, and you will also be able to meet Povios, the Xian Merchant from Calpheon.

- Povios is only available to players who has completed the renewed Kamasylvia main quest line.



  • Changed the Black Desert Team's entrance and revival point of Castle Ruins in the Red Battlefield in order to make it not too close to the castle walls.
  • Added two new Guild positions.

* A member of a guild can now be promoted to the position of 'Advisor,” whose main role is to assist the Guild Master. Most of the Guild Master duties can now be granted to the Advisor.

- The Advisor will have all rights excluding Disband Guild, Guild Auction House, Request the Final Battle (or to accept it), Reset Guild Skills, and rights to destroy Guild Mounts.

- There can only be one Advisor in a Guild, regardless of the Guild's size.

- The Advisor can use Guild Crafting.

- The Advisor can distribute Allowance and Bonuses.

- The Advisor can increase the Guild Protection Capacity and can also enable or disable it.

- The Advisor can carry out Guild Contract Renewals for themself and also for the Guild Officer, Quartermaster, and normal Guild Members.

-  Excluding Command to Gather, the Advisor can obtain and use all Guild skills and can also use Battle Command to Gather. However, if the Guild Master is online, they can only be used within the same server.

* Members of a guild can now be promoted to the position of 'Cannoneer', specializing in Node/Conquest Wars.

- There can be multiple Cannoneers in a Guild, regardless of the Guild's size.

- Cannoneers can install annexes during Node/Conquest Wars just like the Quartermaster.

- The Cannoneer can purchase Node/Conquest War goods at the Guild Shop using the allowance provided by the Guild.


  • The rights for the following Guild positions were changed.

- Guild Officers or higher positions had the rights to ban to destroy Guild Mounts (Galley and Elephant, but now these rights will only be given to the Guild Master.

- The rights to equip/unequip gear for Guild Mounts used to be given to Quartermasters or higher positions. These rights will now only be given to the Guild Master and Advisor.

* However, repairs for the equipped gear will only be possible through Guild Officers or higher positions like before.

Permissions by Positions





Quartermaster, Cannoneer

Normal, Apprentice

Appoint Master




Disband Guild





Change Guild Name





Guild Auction House





Destroy Guild Mount





Appoint Position




Set Allowance




Change Guild Emblem




Use Guild Skill Points




Use Guild Crafting




Distribute Bonus




Set Guild Protection Capacity




Increase Guild Member Capacity




Apply/Reserve AOA




Ban Guild Member



Install Guild Mount Equipment




Guild Boss Subjugation



Declare/Withdraw from War



Post Guild Notifications



Collect Guild Support Funds



Set Protection

( On / Off )




Renew Guild Member Contract



Accept/Complete Guild Missions



Use Guild Skills



Hire Guild Members



Edit Guild Description



Install/uninstall annexes for nodes


Use Guild Storage

Guild Processing

Use Guild Shop

- The Appoint Master button becomes available to the guild advisor and officer(s) if the guild master hasn't logged in for 15 days.

-  The rights to equip/unequip gear for Guild Mounts used to be given to Quartermasters or higher positions. These rights will now only be given to the Guild Master and Advisor.

- Any guild member can deposit into the guild storage, but only certain guild positions may retrieve from the guild storage.

- Any ranking guild member may install/uninstall annexes for nodes, but only those of guild officer or higher position may use the annex's function to begin the process.

- Guild Officers or higher may summon bosses for guild boss subjugation.

- Any guild member can purchase in the guild shop within their set allowance, but specific items will be restricted to certain conditions.

- Guilds participating in Node/Conquest Wars cannot change positions.


We've added the new guild positions of guild advisor and guild cannoneer.


The advisor position is granted even greater authority than the guild officer position, as they can even renew guild officer contracts. Guild masters can appoint their most trusted officer as the advisor, and so we've added this position in hoping that it will allow for more flexible and convenient guild management.


Cannoneers are quite important for a guild that enjoys Node/Conquest Wars. We've added the cannoneer position not only to identify that appointed guild member as the cannoneer, but to grant them some bragging rights, too. At the moment, there are no special powers specific to this position, but... we are currently in the middle of preparing something.


We plan on developing even more positions to diversify the roles of guild members in their respective guilds. We are especially taking into consideration how to make each position unique, so we ask for much of your suggestions and feedback as well.


  • Added a new feature where guilds can receive Guild Support Funds depending on their size.

- Guild Support Funds will be provided as guild funds in accordance with the size of the guild every Sunday at 24:00 UTC (Monday 00:00 UTC).

- Note that Guild Support Funds will only be provided when 10 or more guild members are online. If less than 10 members are online by the aforementioned time, the funds for the week will not be provided.

- Only Guild Masters, Advisors, and Officers can claim Guild Support Funds.

Guild Size

Amount of Guild Support Funds


100,000,000 Silver


200,000,000 Silver


300,000,000 Silver

Extra Large

400,000,000 Silver



  • Improved Emergency Escape so that it displays the cooldown time when logging in with a character.



  • Hashashin is now available as a Trial Character.



  • The Supply Transport Logs of the Fadus have been discovered at Loopy Tree Forest.

- Adventurers defeating monsters in the Loopy Tree Forest have a low chance of running into Fadus packs guarding supplies scheduled for transport.

- Defeat the Fadus packs guarding the supplies to loot them. 



  • Changed the indicated attack zone that appeared on the ground to be more accurate to where the Dark Rift Ahib Griffon uses its whirlwind attacks.



Quest & Knowledge

  • Updated the exchange list of Philaberto Falasi in Port Epheria.

- You can exchange the Epheria Sailboat Design with the Epheria Frigate design or vice versa through the quest '[Daily] Falasi Family's Kindness.”


NPC, Background, Sound

  • Changed the Quarry lighting to be brighter to increase efficiency of Quarry workers for the sake of Marco Faust, the Lord of Keplan, who is suffering from sickness.



  • Added a button to immediately enter a minimum and max price in the Guild Contract.
  • Changed the status board of Red Battlefield.
  • Slightly increased the response speed of pressings for the following cases:

– When retrieving or taking out an item from the Inventory

– When selling an item at the Shop

  • Checking the list of items rentable with Contribution Points by talking to an NPC will now also display the required Contribution points and available contribution points.
  • Added basic skill descriptions for Black Spirit Skills (LT/L2 + X/□) and demonstrations on the skill window.



Changes and Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where guards in Velia and Calpheon sometimes failed to find characters with negative (-) karma during their night shift.
  • Fixed an issue where the Black Spirit was automatically summoned where there were no acceptable main quests.
  • [Ranger] Fixed a graphical issue with the eyes for certain face shapes when wearing the Trilby Hat.
  • [Archer] Fixed the issue where the Ra'ghon and the Crossbow would sometimes disappear when performing certain actions while wearing the Crayodel Outfit.
  • [Archer] Fixed an issue where the armor looked strange when equipping the Glorious Shudad or Shudad Black set while wearing the Karki Suit.
  • [Archer] Fixed an issue where demonstrations for Black Spirit: Righteous Smite and Black Spirit: Full Bloom were displayed abnormally.
  • [Shai] Fixed the graphical issue that occurred when wearing the Marine Romance outfit with the tied-up hair customization setting.
  • [Ninja] Fixed the issue where switching weapons from Sura Katana during Sprint would occasionally place the weapon in an odd position.
  • [Witch, Wizard] Fixed the issue with odd camera movements while turning the camera during Prime: Lightning Storm: High Voltage.
  • Fixed an issue where the character makes unnatural facial expressions when using Crouching Wolf.
  • Fixed the Guild Member Status list's menu buttons to fit within the screen.
  • Fixed the Appoint buttons to be placed together in the Guild Member Status list's menu buttons.
  • The Ban function can no longer be set with a hotkey in the Guild Member Status list.
  • Fixed an issue where the item message would be different from the chat window message after obtaining a treasure item.
  • Improved some sentences for better understanding and fixed typos.
  • Fixed an issue where some backgrounds would be displayed abnormally.
  • Fixed the Carmadun Owl’s incorrect item pick-up range.



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