Updates [Update] 12/02 Patch Notes
Black Desert 2020-12-02 00:00


This week’s maintenance brings with it another pack of updates: Succession for Kunoichi, Maehwa, and Hashashin, Herald’s Journal, Dark Rift Revamp, and Enhanced Skills for Lv.58 and up. Check out the details below for more information!


Major Updates – Kunoichi, Maehwa, Hashashin Succession

● Added Succession for Kunoichi, Maehwa, and Hashashin.

- You can accept relevant quests from the [New Power] category in the main quest tab once you reach Lv.56.

- You can proceed with succession quests near the spot you complete consecutive awakening quests in the [New Power] category.

- You can reinforce skills using main weapons and sub-weapons by learning successive skills through succession quests of each class.

Class Skill
Kunoichi Succession: Lament of Silence
Maehwa Succession: Maehwa’s Conviction 
Hashashin Succession: Dark Tornado


- You cannot use Awakening Weapons after completing Succession.

- Added the 'Succession' tab in the Skill window.

- Skills in the Succession tab are affected by the AP of your main weapons and awakening weapons.

- You can use the skills both in the 'Main' tab and the skills in the 'Succession' tab at the same time.

- You cannot use skills in the 'Succession' tab to learn Absolute skills.

- You can use skills outside of the 'Succession' tab to learn Absolute skills.

- You must learn the Preceding Skills in the 'Main' tab to learn the skills in the 'Succession' tab.

- You can change between Succession/Awakening by resetting your skills.

- You cannot learn succession skills once you have learned awakening skills, and vice versa.

- Skill add-ons for awakening will reset when you learn Succession skills and vice versa.

- You can change from Succession to Awakening by resetting your skill. You can learn awakening skills after the reset.

- You can change from Awakening to Succession by resetting your skills, and learn succession skills again.

- Added succession skill descriptions for Kunoichi, Maehwa, and Hashashin in Overview > Class on the official website.

[Go to Succession Level-Up Events]


Major Updates – Herald’s Journal

● Added a new adventure log – Herald’s Journal

- You can listen to the story of Rubin, the herald in Calpheon, who, as the fastest messenger, delivers news from all parts of the world. Also, several challenges are waiting for you where you must have the fastest legs!

- Go to the starting NPC guided by the journal and accept limited-time quests that you must complete within a set period of time.

- The quests must be proceeded consecutively from the first quest.

- Some limited-time quests will not navigate you to the destination.

- You must be at level 58 or higher and have knowledge about Rubin. Once the requirements are met, interact with the Black Spirit in order to obtain the quest. 


Major Updates – Dark Rift Revamp

● Stronger bosses consumed by the black spirit began to appear in dark rifts across Black Desert.

- As the bosses have gotten more powerful, obtainable loots have changed as below.

- You can obtain Dark Spirit’s Greed when defeating a boss, and exchangeable items are as follows:


Required number of Dark Spirit’s Greed Exchangeable Item
2 Kzarka’s Latent Aura x1
2 Kutum’s Latent Aura x1 
2 Nouver’s Latent Aura x1
3 Karanda’s Latent Aura x1 
10 Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min.) x1 
15 Supreme Cooking Utensil x1
15 Supreme Alchemy Tool x1
20 Advice of Valks (+20) x1 
30 Magic Crystal of Infinity – Experience x1
40 Krogdalo's Origin Stone x1
50 Advice of Valks (+35) x1
100 Advice of Valks (+50) x1 
● You can exchange Dark Spirit’s Greed with the following NPCs.
Region NPC
Western Guard Camp Cliff
Heidel Cruhorn Wyrmsbane
Calpehon Valks
Altinova Sarma Anin
Valencia Barhan Nesser
Grana Hazel Azealia
Duvencrune Odelphin

● Obtainable items from the boxes of the dead you can get by defeating the bosses above have changed as follows:

 - Added Laytenn's Power Stone, Ogre Ring, Eye of the Ruins Ring, Narc Ear Accessory, Valtarra Eclipsed Belt, Orkinrad's Belt, and Forest Ronaros Ring to the current rewards you can get from Box of the Desperate Dead, Box of the Distorted Dead, and Box of the Silent Dead.



● The Ancient Fragments of the Ancient Puturum that emerges from the Dark Rifts have begun to emit even stronger energies.

 - Changed the active region where the Ancient Puturum protect the Ancient Ruins and their legacy to Valencia's desert only.

- Defeat the Ancient Puturum from the Dark Rift to obtain Howling Dead Man's Chest.

- You'll randomly get one of the following items enhanced up to DUO (II) from the Howling Dead Man's Chest: Laytenn's Power Stone, Ogre Ring, Eye of the Ruins Ring, Valtarra Eclipsed Belt, Basilisk's Belt, Ring of Crescent Guardian. [Edit]

[Updated] - Gehaku, Giath, and Moghulis no longer appear in the Dark Rifts.

Major Updates – Chat Group

● Added chat groups.

- You can communicate with other adventurers about diverse topics in the chat group. 

- Each Family can enter one chat group only.

- If you are a new/returning adventurer, you will be automatically joining the Lunar Halo Inn chat group.



● Added Rabam's Enlightenment: 3rd Skill Enhancement.

- You can learn the 3rd enhanced skill at Lv. 58.

- You will need to learn the prerequisite skills to learn the enhanced skills.

- You may only select one of two enhanced skills per level.

● Motions of “Sweep with broom” and “Move forward as you sweep” changed to be displayed more naturally.

● Skill Enhancement – The effects displayed when having Attack Speed/Casting Speed Up buffs were corrected

● Improved the freeze effect to feel more natural.



● Added Enhanced Skills.
Skills Preceding Skills
Dusk Slash Spinning Slash IV + Scars of Dusk
Counter Slash Spinning Slash IV + Counter III


● Added Enhanced Skills.
Skills Preceding Skills
Wind Explosion Shot Will of the Wind V + Evasive Explosion Shot III
Will of Descending Wind Will of the Wind V + Descending Current V



● Added Enhanced Skills.
Skills Preceding Skills
Shadow Hellfire Shadow Eruption IV + Ultimate: Dark Flame
Shadow Wave Shadow Eruption IV + Black Wave IV



● Added Enhanced Skills.
Skills Preceding Skills
Frenzied Winds Frenzied Destroyer VI + Extreme: Beastly Wind Slash
Frenzied Tyrant Frenzied Destroyer VI + Fearsome Tyrant III
● Feral Rage - Fixed the issue where you could use the skill regardless of stamina. 


● Added Enhanced Skills.
Skills Preceding Skills
Lightning Burn Heilang: Throat-Burn III + Void Lightning IV
Breath Spike Heilang: Throat-Burn III + Flash: Pole Thrust III


● Added Enhanced Skills.
Skills Preceding Skills
Storm Slash Cyclone Slash II + Rising Storm III
Gale Slash Cyclone Slash II + Gale V


● Added Enhanced Skills.
Skills Preceding Skills
Decapitating Cyclone Maehwa: Decapitation V + Cyclone Slash II
Decapitating Dragon Maehwa: Decapitation V+ Ultimate: Dragon Claw


● Added Enhanced Skills.
Skills Preceding Skills
Divine Judgment of Light Judgment of Light III + Divine Power IV
Shining Judgment of Light Judgment of Light III + Shining Dash


● Added Enhanced Skills.
Skills Preceding Skills
Shackle Target Ninjutsu: Shackles IV + Target Chase III
Ninjutsu: Ankle Splitter Ninjutsu: Shackles IV + Ankle Cutter V


● Added Enhanced Skills.
Skills Preceding Skills
Ghost Slash Ghost Greeting III + Crescent Slash III
Ghost Claw Ghost Greeting III + Fox Claw IV


● Added Enhanced Skills.
Skills Preceding Skills
Lightning Spear Multiple Magic Arrows + Residual Lightning IV
Mana Arrows Multiple Magic Arrows + Mana Absorption III


● Added Enhanced Skills.
Skills Preceding Skills
Lightning Arrows Multiple Magic Arrows + Lightning Storm III
Mana Arrows Multiple Magic Arrows + Mana Absorption III

Dark Knight

● Added Enhanced Skills.
Skills Preceding Skills
Slanted Slash Slanted Balance III + Kamasylvia Slash IV
Balanced Strike Slanted Balance III + Air Strike III


● Added Enhanced Skills.
Skills Preceding Skills
Explosive Jolt Flow: Explosive Blow II + Ankle Hook III
Wolf's Explosive Fangs Flow: Explosive Blow II + Wolf's Fang V


● Added Enhanced Skills.
Skills Preceding Skills
Thrashing Wolf Crouching Wolf + Soul Basher III
Raging Wolf Crouching Wolf + Rage Hammer V


● Added Enhanced Skills.
Skills Preceding Skills
Blade of Souls Soul Ascent IV + Blade of Blood
Sacred Dance of Souls Soul Ascent IV + Flow: Sacred Dance III


● Added Enhanced Skills.
Skills Preceding Skills
Nature Shattering Arrow Earth Shatter V + Wrath of Nature V
Earth's Judgment Earth Shatter V + Winged Strike III


● Added Enhanced Skills.
Skills Preceding Skills
Careful! Sprinkle-Sparkle IV + Get Well
Now! Sprinkle-Sparkle IV + Come Out, Come Out


● Added Enhanced Skills.
Skills Preceding Skills
Shadow Slicer Sand Slicer III + Shadow Splitter IV
Sand Tornado Sand Slicer III + Piercing Tornado V


● Added Enhanced Skills.
Skills Preceding Skills
Sturdy Smite Sturdy Step III + Juggernaut: Smite II
Mountain's Echo Sturdy Step III + Rockslide III
● Fixed the following skill description for Sturdy Smite to better reflect the actual skill.
Before Now
No collision while moving No collision while jumping


● Added walking mode to the Ring Menu. 

● Increased the amount of contribution EXP obtained when your contribution point is between 400 to 450.

Increased the EXP obtained from Life skills as below: 

Life Skill Approximate EXP Increase
Fishing Current EXP x4 
Hunting Current EXP x2 
Training  Current EXP x2 
Trading  Current EXP x3.3

EXP obtainable from each Life skill was systemized to be lower than that of Black Desert Online to minimize the gap between Adventurers who already had knowledge about the game and those who are new to Black Desert when we first began servicing on console. However, as it has been almost 2 years and as many of Adventurers have gotten used to the world of Black Desert, we have readjusted the EXP range to be identical to that of Black Desert Online. Many Adventurers have given us feedbacks about raising Life EXP. We will do our best to review as many feedbacks as possible and apply those possible to the game. Thank you.


●  Garmoth will now appear at a chance in Sherekhan Necropolis, Blood Wolf Settlement, and Tshira Ruins of Drieghan at a certain chance.

- After the system message “Garmoth has appeared” is displayed, Garmoth’s terror will begin.

- Garmoth will breathe out flames to attack 2 to 3 times then disappear.

- The first flame breath attack contains Knockdown CC status effect so be aware.

- This Garmoth is invincible and you cannot kill it. If you get killed from this Garmoth, you will not receive any death penalty.

- From the ground where Garmoth’s flame breath has scorched, there may be an Old Drieghanese Crate that can appear at a chance. 

- Old Drieghanese Crate will disappear 1 minute after it shows up so hurry to destroy the create and randomly obtain 1 of the items below.

Obtainable Items from the Old Drieghanese Crate 
Leebur's Gloves, Sturdy Alchemy Stone of Destruction,  Eye of the Ruins Ring, Orkinrad's Belt, Kagtunak, Combined Magic Crystal - Hoom, Combined Magic Crystal - Gervish, Combined Magic Crystal - Macalod, Kagtum's Ring of Submission, Akum Helmet, Akum Armor, Akum Gloves, Akum Shoes, Golden Dagger, Sharp Black Crystal Shard, Hard Black Crystal Shard, Black Energy Residue, Dragon Scale Fossil, Gold Bar 1G, Old Artifact Pot

- Please keep in mind Item Drop Rate buffs will not influence this item.

● Added Villa Scrolls usable at the Campsite. 

Buff  Silver Spent
[Villa] Turning Gates (60 min.)  200,000
[Villa] Skill and Experience (60 min.)  300,000
[Villa] Body Enhancement (60 min.)  1,000,000
[Villa] Turning Gates (120 min.) 450,000
[Villa] Skill and Experience (120 min.)  750,000
[Villa] Body Enhancement (120 min.)  2,250,000
● Buff “[Camp] Adventurer’s Confidence” you can buy from the Campsite Shop changed as below.
Before After
- Duration: 90 min.
- Required Silver: 900,000 
- Duration: 60 min.
- Required Silver: 600,000 

● The Devour feature has been revamped.

- Devour is now available even when Enhancement Chance is +1 or higher.

- There are no item grade restrictions when Enhancement Chance is 0. However, when it is +1 or higher, Devour is only available for green or higher rating gears.

- Just like before, Devour is available for weapons of +8 or higher enhancement levels and armors of +6 or higher enhancement levels.

- When you attempt to use Devour with an existing Enhancement Chance increase, you will either succeed or fail at a fixed rate. 


Quest, Knowledge 

● You can now obtain the knowledge about the Archaeologist's Map by interacting it with the Caphras' Journal of Caphras Cave.

● You can now obtain knowledge about the Lafi Bedmountain's Upgraded Compass by taking it to Ain Greid and talking to him. 


NPC, Background, Sound

● It began to snow in Black Desert welcoming winter.

Snow has begun to fall gently across the entire world of Black Desert.

Winter may be cold, but we hope you have a heartwarming adventure in Black Desert!

● According to nearby villagers, a never before seen storm rages on at Karanda's nest.

- Karanda's nest grew wider due to the effects of the storm.

● (PS4) Fixed an issue where the volume adjustment of effect sounds would not work properly when playing an in-game video.


● The Contribution EXP icons in the quest rewards will now all look the same.

● A repair completion message will now be displayed when repairing a mount or gear by talking to an NPC. 


Changes and Fixes

● Fixed the issue where the available times for Red Battlefield appeared abnormal.

● Fixed the issue where the Pet/Fairy information would be displayed abnormally.

● Fixed the issue where a certain window in Velia 2-3 would not open.

● Fixed the scarecrows to recover their HP if they are left alone for 5 minutes.

● [Valkyrie] Fixed the issue where Kini Hair Ornament appeared slanted to the right when equipping it after face customization.

● Fixed the issue where the effects of Spirit Perfume Elixir would not be applied even though it still had time remaining on its duration.

● Improved some sentences for better understanding and fixed typos.

● Fixed an issue where some backgrounds would be displayed abnormally.