Notices [Notice] Refund Regarding a Pearl Shop Discount
Black Desert 2020-12-03 08:15


Dear Adventurers,


Please note that following yesterday’s update (Dec. 2nd), there was an issue where the November 25th 60% discount on the underwear section of the Pearl Shop changed back to 30% where it should have stayed at 60% until the following times:

NA: December 8th 9:59 PM (PST)

EU: December 9th 5:59 AM (UTC)

ASIA: December 9th 2:59 PM (GMT+9)

The Pearl Shop has been updated today and the 60% discount has been applied again. Every Adventurer who purchased an Underwear from the Pearl Shop between the end of yesterday’s maintenance and today’s Pearl Shop update will receive an in-game message, containing the 30% discount difference that was not applied on their purchase.


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.


Black Desert Console Team



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