GM Notes [GM Note] The First to Level 65
Black Desert 2020-12-04 00:30



For many, the path to levelling up is often a winding journey that includes focusing on many different areas at different times. Some slow down the levelling processes while life skilling, others focus on honing their PvP skills to take a break from the levelling experience.

Then there are those who are so focused on the levelling task at hand that nothing can stand in their way. Recently on the North American server, Pepe managed to be the very first person to reach level 65 on console, which took around 17 months of game play (officially reached on October 18th)! CM Shirna has been chatting to Pepe to find out more about the man behind ‘Aquabutt’.



Shirna: So ‘Aquabutt’ is a Wizard, was there any reason why you went for Wizard over other classes?

Pepe: When I started I wanted to have clout in the game, so I chose Wizard. I have only ever played the Wizard class in Black Desert.

Shirna: How did you maximize your Combat EXP gains? Was there any particular combination of buffs used?
Pepe: Nope, I didn’t run any buffs lol. I would usually have something like the Secret Book of Old Moon or the Kamasylve Blessing running, and would occasionally use Simple Cron Meals and Daily Blood Frenzy if I could remember. But yeah, usually nothing.

Shirna: How did you level up so much then?
Pepe: I spent around 5 billion silver on training dummies, and would AFK train for about 10 to 12 hours each night. This gives around half a % point when going from 64 to 65, which is pretty good on the grand scheme of things. When I actively played, I would often be doing 5 man rotations at trees.


Shirna: So you said you have only ever played Wizard, have you considered playing other classes?
Pepe: No, I’m far too lazy to learn another class so I’ll continue to stick with Wizard.

Shirna: What are the current stats of Aquabutt?
Pepe: Currently sitting on around 583 gear score, with Artisan life skills and about 2791 skill points. I also have about 440 energy and 326 contribution points.


Shirna: Any closing Statements?
Pepe: I hate Blops.



Please join us in congratulating Pepe for being the first Adventurer to reach level 65!


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