GM Notes [GM Note] The Music of the Black Desert Calphe:ON Ball
Black Desert 2020-12-12 00:00


Greetings Adventurers,

We hope all of you were able to see the music videos that were shown during the Calphe:ON Ball!


These music videos as well as the music arrangement were made solely for the Calphe:ON Ball to be enjoyed by Adventurers all over the world.


The Black Desert team wanted to take this time to discuss the renewed music of Black Desert performed during the Calphe:ON Ball.




The Music of the Calphe:ON Ball


Balenos' Street Fight



The Balenos’ Street Fight theme was a dedication to the developers who worked on Black Desert as a whole through the strange year of 2020.

The Balenos Theme was reimagined and rearranged with a rock guitar instrumental to carry an 80’s pop-rock vibe.



Velian Anthem



Velia has been a symbol of Black Desert since the beginning, the streets filled with buskers and street performances.

With a touch of modern rock accompanied by tribal rhythms, the Velian Anthem was reborn. The Celtic vibes of the arrangement were to invigor those weary from 2020.



Serendian Vegabond



With the help of a Shai Bard, the Serendia Theme met a Hard Rock/Alternative-Punk revival.

 This track brings an energy that is sure to uplift any tired Adventurer and get them through the end of the year.



VIII. O'dyllita - Battle of Warriors (Violin Concerto)



The fierce battle of the Dark Elves in O’dyllita is expressed in piercingly cool but passionate music.

To capture the grandeur of the fight in O’Dyllita, an orchestra that utilizes the charm of a violin concerto was arranged.



Hwiman Ryu’s Composer Note


The fierce battle of the Dark Elves in O’dyllita is expressed in piercingly cool but passionate music.


The violin is faint yet beautiful when played with a certain sense of precision, but when it is played with a sense of nervousness, the instrument produces an aggressive high note that overwhelms and pervades the listener’s thoughts.


In order to use the full experience of the violin and to express the grandeur of the battle in O’dyllita, I arranged a violin concerto alongside an orchestra.


It isn’t too common in video games to compose and arrange a violin concerto and a piano concerto – this was a challenging task with a lot of difficulties.


In order to carry these difficult tasks, I did not work alone and worked together with Ju In-ro, who made the arrangement for this song as well as the piano concerto.


A fun fact about this track: this song was completed before “VIII. O’dyllita: Overture (Piano Concerto)” released in February 2020 and this video was filmed in November 2019.  


This song was scheduled to be released in line with the Thornwood Castle content, but as the Thornwood Castle development schedule was pushed back, the song remained under lock and key. Luckily, we are able to make this song public before the end of the year.


The video for this song was designed to match the concept of music videos rather than a classical performance like the previous piano concerto that we released. We searched for a female violinist that could fit the concept of the video and Elvira Vucurevic of Hungary was selected due to her tremendous abilities and outstanding performance.


The orchestra was performed by BSSO, an orchestra from Hungary, under the direction of Peter Pejtsik and wore Black Desert apparel during their performance. The music video for the solo violin performance was filmed in the basement of the Kiscelli Museum, an 18th-century monastery in Hungary. This basement, which is reminiscent of a dungeon in the Middle Ages, has a very unique atmosphere. A bizarre and mysterious air fills the basement, which is why it matches the underground dungeon of Odylita Thornwood Castle and was thus selected as the location for the music video.



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