Notices [Notice] Changes in Returning User Criteria
Black Desert 2020-12-15 05:10


Greetings Adventurers,


We discovered that there was a missing portion in the recent patch note regarding changes to how returning users are determined. We deeply apologize for omitting this update from the patch note.


Here are the changes applied to returning user criteria during December 2, 2020 maintenance.




- Did not login for more than 30 days before coming back to the game

- Did not login for more than 30 days before coming back to the game


- Did not use web Central Market for more than 30 days before coming back to the game


* Web Central Market refers to the Central Market that you access via Black Desert+ app.


* Purchasing, selling, registering items, and collecting payment are all considered as an act of using the Central Market.


We prepared the below compensation during the next scheduled maintenance for players whose returning user status was changed and who logged in after December 2, 2020 update to December 16 , 2020.


- Returning user attendance rewards after December 2 update till the next scheduled maintenance will be sent to your Black Spirit Safe.

- Remaining returning user rewards can be claimed from Attendance Reward menu as usual if you login everyday.

Example) If you don’t login to the game for 30 days (720hours) and login everyday from December 3~6, you will receive the Day 1 ~ Day 4 returning user rewards during the next scheduled maintenance. Returning user rewards for Day 5 and on will be sent starting the day after the maintenance when you login.

- You can access the Olvia channel for 30 days as intended after the next scheduled maintenance.


We deeply apologize for the miscommunication and inconvenience.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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