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Black Desert 2020-12-16 00:00



Greetings Adventurers,


Nova, the last Heir of Calpheon, is making her grand debut in Black Desert and to celebrate her release, we prepared a special DLC pack catered specially for Nova.


Nova wields a shield that covers her body like an iron fortress, and a morning star that flattens even distant enemies. The exclusive Nova-themed horse gear set and Nova Classic Outfit Set included in this DLC accentuates her might and power.

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Sale Period

NA: December 15, 10:00 PM ~ January 5, 10:00 PM PST

EU: December 16, 6:00 AM ~ January 6, 6:00 AM UTC

Asia: December 16, 3:00 PM ~ January 6, 3:00 PM GMT+9


Black Desert - Nova: Heir of Calpheon



New DLC Pack Seal*

$49.99 / €49.99 / ¥5390

Blessing of Old Moon Pack (15 Days)**

Inventory +16 Expansion Coupon

Character Slot Expansion Coupon

Prestige Black Leopard (LIMITED)

* The 'New DLC Pack Seal' can be exchanged for the following items from Igor Bartali in Velia after the December 22nd maintenance.


  • [Nova] Aquila Classic Set
  • Nova Horse Gear Set (DLC Exclusive)***
  • Young Baphomet (LIMITED)
  • Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min) x5

** When Blessing of Old Moon Pack (15 Days)  is used, the following buffs are applied:
- Value Pack (15 days)
- Blessing of Kamasylvia (15 days)
- Secret Book of Old Moon (15 Days)

*** DLC Exclusive Horse Gear set is not sold on the Pearl Shop.


Additional Notice

You may only purchase this DLC once 1 per store account.

Prices may vary depending on region and currency exchange rates.

Sale period and details may be changed upon mitigating circumstances.

You need to have Black Desert (Base Game) installed to use the above items. The items will only be sent to the server that corresponds to the region where the pack is purchased.


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