Updates [Update] 12/22 Patch Notes
Black Desert 2020-12-22 00:00


Major Updates – New Class Release: NOVA

● New class Nova has been released.

- Meet Nova - the hidden, last princess of Calpheon!

- “Hall of Adventurers: Nova” has been added to chat group where you can have conversations about the new class Nova with other Adventurers.

[Go to Nova Update Event]



● The Fluffy Snowflake Village has become a Safe Zone.

● Fixed the issue where challenge “Snow Flower? Beef Thin Skirt?” would not be reset each day. You can now receive rewards for the challenge as it will be reset at the time below:

- ASIA: December 23rd, 09:00 (GMT+9)

- NA: December 22nd, 16:00 (PST)

- EU: December 22nd, 00:00 (UTC)

[Go to [Notice] Winter-Welcoming Snow Flower Event Extension]



● Added chat group “Heidel’s Street”

- You can have conversations with other adventurers about things from trivial daily life experiences to serious topics.

The default chat group for all Adventurers has become “Heidel’s Street,” a newly created chat group. The existing “Leave” button has been removed, and all those who have not been in a chat group before will be automatically put in “Heidel’s Street”. You can change the chat group anytime you want by going to Menu > Community > Chat Group and choose to view or hide chats of your group in Interface Settings > Chat Group. 



● Changed the dialogue to sound more natural when having the first interaction with Hans without having knowledge about him.

● Fixed the chat window to disappear when meeting the dialogue requirement during quests “Velia Wharf’s Secret” and “In the Thick Dust.”

● The required level for obtaining knowledge about “Alchemy Box” and “Cooking Box” from Eileen and David Finto has been changed to Lv.30 or higher.

● The required level for quest “Velia Storage” acceptable from Igor Bartali has been changed to Lv.17 or higher.

● The required level and amity for quest “Who’s the Toughest?” acceptable from Tachros have been changed to Lv.21 or higher.

● The required level for quest “Endless Research for Adventure” acceptable from Tachros has been changed to Lv.21 or higher.

● Completing quest “Operation Breakthrough” in the Serendia quest line “[Crossroad] Silence, We’re Done Here!” has become easier.

● The required level for residence sub-quests “[Support] An Adventurer on an Endless Journey” and “[Support] Home is Where the Passion Be” acceptable from Islin Bartali and Constante respectively has been changed to Lv.50 or higher.

● The required level for acquiring knowledge through dialogue with Emma Bartali consuming 25 Energy has been changed to Lv.30 or higher.



● Adjusted the difficulty of Titium appearing during quest “[Event] Protect the Ice Crystal!” in the Fluffy Snowflake Village.


● Added Show Fairy/ Hide Fairy to game settings.

- General Settings > Show/Hide > Fairy

● The chat group menu has been enlarged for better vertical display of two more menus.


Changes and Fixes

● Fixed the issue where the skill book description of “Succession: Mystic’s Force” would sound awkward.

● Fixed the issue where the name of Snowman was awkwardly positioned.

● Fixed the icon of [Lahn] Tort Piercing to display the correct image.

● [Event] Emergency Carrot Rations - Fixed the incorrect number of Advice of Valks (25-35) required for exchange.

- 10 -> 15


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