Updates [Update] 12/24 Patch Notes
Black Desert 2020-12-24 00:00


Major Updates – Combat Assistance

● Added a new feature that improves combat accessibility for new Adventurers. It will assist them in making swift turns and movement while using basic attacks and certain skills.

- This feature is recommended to new Adventurers who have just begun their journey in Black Desert.



Combat Assistance Off Combat Assistance On
Flowing Star (RB/R1)
Affliction (RT/R2)
Icy Thorns (↓ + RT/R2)
- You can turn on and off this feature by going to Settings > General Settings > Others > Combat Assistance



● Fixed an issue where Stamina would be consumed double the amount when doing jump attacks and where the character would stop when it lacks Stamina.

● Fixed an issue where Quoratum’s Opening would not be activated after using Icy Fog forward.

● Fixed an issue where [Nova] Canape Classic Box could not be opened.


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