Notices [Notice] [Updated]Package purchase unavailable after Free Play Days
Black Desert 2020-12-29 11:00




The cause of package purchase issue has been identified and will be fixed as soon as possible.

Until that time, eligible Adventurers will be able to keep accessing the game.


Eligible Adventurers:

Adventurers who have installed Black Desert from the PS Store (North America, Europe, Asia, Japan) and created a Family name during Free Play event period below:


NA: December 22, 00:00 - December 27, 15:59 PST

Europe: December 22, 08:00 - December 27, 23:59 UTC

Asia/Europe: December 22, 17:00 - December 28, 08:59 GMT+9


When the fix is complete, it will be announced through a separate notice.



 Note  (Updated 2020/12/29)

Currently, Adventurers who have participated in the Free Play event and played Black Desert for the first time can only purchase item packs, which do not include the base game. If you purchase an item pack, you will not be able to continue playing the game after the end of the Free Play event period. 

Adventurers who have participated in the Free Play event will be able to purchase bundles that include the base game once the purchase issue is solved. Please refer to the separate notice that will be announced later on. Once again we apoligze for the inconvenience.

Bundles(s) with Base Game 

Item pack(s) without Base Game 

Black Desert: Traveler Edition 

Black Desert - Traveler Item Pack 

Black Desert: Explorer Edition 

Black Desert - Explorer Item Pack 

Black Desert: Conqueror Edition 

Black Desert - Conqueror Item Pack 


Black Desert - Nova: Heir of Calpheon 


We will continue to work on providing better service.


Thank you


It is identified that Adventurers using the PS Store in North America, Asia, and Japan are limited from purchasing packages (Traveler, Explorer, Conqueror Edition) that include the base game after participating in the Free Play Days event.

We are currently looking into the issue to resolve it as soon as possible.


We apologize for the inconvenience.


Thank you


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