Notices [Notice] [Completed] 12/31 Partial Maintenance
Black Desert 2020-12-31 00:00





We will be performing a partial maintenance, where we will be taking servers down in a particular order so that we can apply certain fixes to the game without a full blown maintenance. This will mean that certain servers will be closed, and we ask that if you wish to continue playing while the partial maintenance is ongoing, that you switch to one of the servers that is still up.  


Partial Maintenance 

Fixed an issue with Nova's `Quoratum's Protection` skill where summons were abnormally called forth


Server Maintenance Groupings  

We will start by taking down one set of servers, applying the fixes, bringing them back online, then taking down the other servers.  


- NA: 

Group 1 (04:30 PST):

Olvia – 1, Olvia – 3, Serendia – 2, Calpheon – 1, Balenos – 1, Mediah – 1, Valencia – 1, Florin(XB) - 1, Epheira(PS) - 1  


Group 2 (After the Maintenance on Group 1 has concluded) :  

Olvia – 2, Serendia – 1, Arsha, Calpheon – 2, Balenos – 2, Mediah – 2, RulupeeFlorin(XB) - 2, Epheira(PS) - 2 


- EU: 

Group 1 (00:30 UTC):

Olvia – 1, BalenosCalpheon, Valencia, Arsha, Florin(XB)  


Group 2 (After the Maintenance on Group 1 has concluded) :  

Olvia – 2, Serendia, Mediah, Rulupee, Epheria(PS) 


- ASIA: 

Group 1 (21:30 GMT+9): 

Florin(XB), Arsha, Olvia - 1, Mediah, Rulupee


Group 2 (22:45 GMT+9) :  

Balenos, Calpheon, Serendia, Valencia, Epheria(PS), Olvia - 2


As this is an unexpected maintenance, we will be sending all Adventurers whose accounts were created prior to the Partial Maintenance ‘GM’s Advanced Lucky Box’ in their mail. 


The item will be sent on the following dates, and the mail will be deleted after 7 days, so please ensure that you pick up your items.  


Date Sent:  

NA/EU/ASIA: 2021.01.07 11:59 PM UTC 


We apologize for any interruptions to your gameplay during this maintenance. 




During the partial maintenance, you will be unable to access certain servers, and coupons will also not be able to be redeemed.  

-If you are unfortunate enough to be attempting to connect to a server as it is coming down, your connection will be lost.  

- Maintenance may be extended or completed earlier than scheduled, any modifications will be mentioned on this page.  

-During the Maintenance, Central Market functionality in-game and through the mobile app will become unavailable.  



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