GM Notes [GM Note] Together Again in 2021!
Black Desert 2021-01-06 12:00


Hello, Adventurers!


Nova’s Succession and Awakening was released today in the very first maintenance of the new year!

We hope you’ve settled in warm and cozy with the new class Nova!


We can’t possibly let this special occasion pass us by!

Black Desert has prepared yet another Happy New Year Surprise Gift.




Advice of Valks (+100)


Santa Hat (E)


J’s Special Scroll x5


Cron Stone x300


Milk x100

* Coupon valid until: January 20, 2021 (Wed) 11:59 PM UTC

* J’s Special Scroll is a temporary item with a 30 day expiration period, starting immediately when it is received.


Adventurers, keep safe! We wish you another terrific year in 2021!

Go on and have some great adventures!


Happy New Year!


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