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Black Desert 2021-01-26 00:00




We have recently made changes to our Event Rules policy to comply with various laws, and restructured and tidied up the language used in the document. We will provide a brief summary of the changes, and you can compare yourself via the links provided at the bottom of this document.



Event Rules of Black Desert 

Revised: Event Rules of Black Desert

Effective Date: 2021. 02. 02


Major Changes


1. Event Details and Participation

In this section we have added new segments regarding network conditions, using others accounts and tidied up language within the section.


2. Winning and conditions for Event

New sections have been added clarifying conditions on disqualified parties, and other sub clauses relating to the collection of physical goods regarding tax, shipping addresses and the like. We have also modified much of the phrasing to provide greater clarity to our users.


3. Prizes and delivery Information.

Greater detail has been given regarding taxes and other expenses that may be incurred by the recipient of the prizes. For physical prizes, we also add that failure to provide details regarding shipping and location may disqualify you from receiving the goods if the response is not done in a timely manner.


The section now includes rules regarding how many accounts can participate in an event, details regarding the delivery of in-game prizes and how they are treated by the game. Finally, much of the phrasing of the section has been revised to provide greater clarity to the end-user.


4. Event Notice

New sections have been added to give clarity to the following types of events:

Post Charing Events

Challenge Events

Login Events

Hot Time Events


Amongst this section, there are clarifications about the rules of post sharing events in that they need to be public, Personal Information that may be shared by Pearl Abyss in the winners announcements, and the rights of the materials shared in this process. Finally, language throughout the section has been modified to make the contents clearer.


5. Protection of Personal Information

This section details what Pearl Abyss will do with personal information that is delivered in regards to events, and how we will present information of the winners of certain events.

You can check the changes between the old and new Event Rules document by following the links listed below:

Event Rules Links

Event Rules Before Amendments

Event Rules After Amendments





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