Notices [Notice] Extension of Free Game Access Period and Package Issues
Black Desert 2021-01-27 07:00




The issue where those who participated in the PlayStation ‘Free Play Days’ in North America and Asia were unable to purchase the game packages has been resolved.


As part of the promotion, the game packages were supposed to be discounted during the whole ‘Free Play Days’ period. To honor this discount, those who participated in the ‘Free Play Days’ event on the North American and Asian servers will be able to pick up the discounted packages for an extended amount of time. These discounted packages will include the base game, which is required to continue your time in Black Desert.


Sale Period

This sale period applies only to those who participated in the ‘Free Play Days’ promotion in the North America and Asia regions.

North America: January 26th 10:00 PM ~ February 9th 10:00 PM PST

Asia: January 27th 3:00 PM ~ February 10th 3:00 PM GMT+9



Please note that if you already own Black Desert, and attempt to purchase these packages, you will be unable to obtain the items within, so we ask those PlayStation adventurers who already own the game to refrain from purchasing these packages. As mentioned, this discount is exclusive to those who played during the PlayStation ‘Free Play Days’ promotion.


Thank you for your patience during this issue.

Black Desert Console Team


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