GM Notes [GM Note] Coupon & Web Storage Guide
Black Desert 2021-01-27 06:00


Hello, Adventurers!

This is GM Grana.


Are you having a hard time getting around the official website of Black Desert?


Have you ever wondered where to find items when redeeming coupons or wanted to see a list of coupon items you’ve received so far?

Don’t you worry! GM Grana is here to help you out.


Today, I’ll take you step by step on how to redeem coupons and how coupons are used in the Web Storage on the newly updated website.


Hold on!
 You know what coupons are, but what is a Web Storage?



Web Storage


Web Storage is a page within the website where you can keep track of various event rewards including items claimed from coupons.
You can receive claimed rewards by selecting a family and character of your choice and the claimed rewards will be sent to you in-game through mail.

Also, you can see coupon items that you have not claimed yet and choose to send them to your in-game mail.


Not so sure yet?

Let me give you a more detailed walkthrough using the screenshots below.


■ How to redeem coupons


1. Go to the Black Desert Official Website (, log in to your account, and find Shop -> Coupons.



2. You will be sent to a page where you can enter the coupon codes (12-16 characters). Type in the code correctly and click “Use.” Then, select the server, family, and character you wish to transfer the items to. (Please check the notices written at the bottom of the page when using a coupon.)



3. Last step! Launch Black Desert, open Mail, and claim the items!

If the items have not been sent to your in-game mail even though you have entered the correct code, try checking [Web Storage] section on My Page.

If you can see the items stored in Web Storage, then the coupon has been properly redeemed!

If you have successfully redeemed your coupon, now it’s time to claim the items.
Next up is how to use Web Storage!


■ How to use Web Storage

Refer to the images below and follow the steps in order.


1. Go to My Page > [Web Storage] (on the left side).


2. Select the item(s) that has not been sent to your in-game mail, and click “Next.”



3. You can double-check whether you have selected the right item(s) on this page. At this step, you can also choose to withdraw items that you don’t want to claim immediately, so please check carefully. If you have chosen the right items, click “Send item.”



4. Now, the items have been successfully sent to your in-game mail!



5. You can also view the list of recent items that you have sent to your in-game mail.



6. Let’s check the in-game mail to see if the items have been properly sent.

Open the in-game Mail and you’ll see that the items have arrived safe and sound.


Claim the items and enjoy your time in Black Desert!

Using Web Storage and claiming coupon items isn’t as difficult as it sounds to be, is it?


If you have any other inquiries, please send a ticket to [Support].

You’ll be able to get a more detailed and thorough explanation of just about anything you would like to know!


I’ll return with more exciting and useful news.

Thank you.


- GM Grana


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