Updates [Update] 02/03 Patch Notes
Black Desert 2021-02-09 00:00


Major Updates – Increased the number of monsters 

● The number of monsters spawned in the world of Black Desert has been increased by approximately 40%. The respawn time of monsters has also increased proportionally.

On February 6th, 2020, we reduced the number of monsters in Black Desert by about 40% to provide a better gameplay experience. Instead, the monsters' respawn time was significantly cut down to maintain the growth momentum or hunting efficiency of our Adventurers. However, numerous Adventurers have given us feedbacks that they want the same playing environment as their Black Desert PC counterparts, and thus we worked on improving the overall performance (optimizing memory, etc.) to reflect their opinion. After all the hard work, the recent test we have conducted showed that we could provide the same version as Black Desert PC. We would like to extend our gratitude to all who have given us precious opinions, and we will continue to strive to improve the performance and optimization of the game.



● Set the basic AP of all class summons to match the summoning class's AP.

        - The summoning class's AP must be at least at the same AP level of the summoned minion in order to control and wield the summoned minion at 100%. For example, Gorr's basic AP is 100. If the summoning Witch's AP is at 50, then Gorr's AP will be limited to 50 as well and only return to 100 when the Witch's AP also hits 100 or higher.


        * The AP of the summons is as follows:


▶ Character’s AP (equipped with gear) + Summoned minion’s basic AP

- However, bonus stats from gear sets are not included. If the AP of the character (equipped with gear) is lower than the basic AP of its summon, the summoned minion’s AP will be adjusted to the same stat of the character. On the other hand, if the character’s AP is higher than the basic AP of the summoned minion, the minion’s basic AP will remain unchanged.


▶ Basic AP of each summon



Basic AP


Heilang I


Heilang II


Heilang III


Heilang IV


Heilang V


Heilang VI


Heilang VII


Heilang VIII


Heilang IX


Heilang X


Absolute: Heilang


Prime: Heilang



Blade of Darkness I


Blade of Darkness II


Blade of Darkness III



Black Spirit: Flame Buster



Projection & Flow: Extra Credit's Energy



Ninjutsu: Sinew Cut's Shade


Assassin's Trail's Trap







Toxic Flood


Prime: Blizzard: Domain







Lava Field


Prime: Blizzard: Domain



Echo Spirit



Sea Dragon



Light within Vitclari



Aal's Breath



Thornwood Guard I


Thornwood Guard II


Thornwood Guard III


Thornwood Guard IV


Thornwood Guard V


Thornwood Guard VI


Absolute: Thornwood Guard


Prime: Thornwood Guard I


Prime: Thornwood Guard II


Prime: Thornwood Guard III


Axian I


Axian II


Axian III




● Added the Core Awakening skills.

● Added Rabam's Enlightenment - Skill Enhancement.

- You can learn the 1st Skill Add-on at Lv. 56 or higher, the 2nd at Lv. 57 or higher, and the 3rd at Lv. 58 or higher.

- You must have learned the preceding skill(s) to learn a specific skill add-on.

- You can choose 1 out of 2 skill add-ons per level.

● Prime: Bitter Reign - Increased the skill's 1st hit's number of targets by 1.

      ● Increased the damage of the following skills.




Prime: Frozen Darkness

1st Hit 1103% x 3

2nd Hit 1103% x 4

Chain Hit 552% x 1, Max 4 Hits

1st Hit 1158% x 3

2nd Hit 1158% x 4

Chain Hit 579% x 1, Max 4 Hits




Prime: Frozen Earth

1114% x 10

1169% x 10




Prime: Stamma's Mate IV

1103% x 1, Max 10 Hits

1157% x 1, Max 10 Hits




Prime: Fianchetto III

Chain Hit 552% x 1, Max 6 Hits

Last Hit 1112% x 4

Chain Hit 584% x 1, Max 6 Hits

Last Hit 1167% x 4




Prime: Entangling Icy Thorns III

1st Hit Damage 1027% x 1, Max 6 Hits

Last Hit Damage 1027% x 6

1st Hit Damage 1078% x 1, Max 6 Hits

Last Hit Damage 1078% x 6

● Succession : Affliction - Increased the skill's damage.

- 826% x 3, Max 3 Hits → 991% x 3, Max 3 Hits

        ● Prime: Swooping Ring - Changed the skill by removing the 1st hit, and the skill now applies all hits at its last hit.
        ● Prime: Frozen Darkness - Increased the combo speed of using the skill after certain skills.
        ● Prime: Vengeful Star - You can now combo into the skill's 3rd hit if used after Prime: Entangling Icy Thorns' last hit.
        ● Prime: Quoratum's Ascension - You can now combo into the skill if used after Prime: Vengeful Star's 2nd hit.
        ● Prime: Stamma's Mate - Improved the skill to now combo faster when used after Prime: Icy Thorn's 2nd hit or Prime: Vengeful Star's 1st hit.
        ● Prime: Bitter Reign - You can now combo into the skill if used after Prime: Stamma's Mate.
        ● Prime: Vengeful Star - You can now combo into the skill's 2nd hit if used after Prime: Frozen Darkness.
        ● Prime: Stamma's Mate - You can now combo faster into the skill if used after Prime: Quoratum's Ascension's 2nd hit.
        ● Prime: Swooping Ring - Fixed the issue where using the skill would cancel Quoratum's Protection.
        ● Punishing Trap - Improved the skill to now stop faster by pressing ↓ right after the skill's surface hit.
        ● Punishing Trap - Improved the skill to now activate its extra hit faster by pressing LMB right after the skill's surface hit.
        ● Punishing Trap - Improved the skill to combo faster into other skills when its extra hit activates right after the skill's surface hit.
        ● Countergambit - Increased the charging movement speed after hitting a target with the skill.
        ● Prime: Star's Call, Command: Rime Ice, Icy Thorns - Fixed the issue where you couldn't combo into the skills after Command: Opening activated from taking damage during Quoratum's Protection.
        ● Added an additional effect to indicate Nova's HP being consumed to command Axian.
      ● Fixed the graphical issue with the quoratum while attempting to tame a horse.


● Permanently increased the amount of Skill EXP gained from the Red Battlefield.

        - You could obtain double the amount of EXP during the past two weeks of the Red Battlefield event, but we have decided to make it permanent.
        - Thanks to our Adventurers’ support for the Red Battlefield, the amount of obtainable Skill EXP has been permanently increased to the same level as the amount provided during the event period.
        - However, if the obtained Skill EXP exceeds a certain point, the amount will be slightly adjusted down compared to the amount obtained during the event period.


● Design: Karlstein and Old Moon Costume Mill have been added. You can create Karlstein outfit in your residence now.

* You can obtain “Design: Karlstein” as a completion reward for completing quest “A Hero in Karlstein”. You can receive this quest from NPC Rubin when you have 1 or more Intricately Patterned Mystical Shard.

- You can obtain Intricately Patterned Mystical Shard by defeating monsters at a very low rate.

* Lv.1 Old Moon Costume Mill has been added to the following residence.

- Heidel 2-3, 2F

- Heidel 3-4

- Heidel 7-4, 2F

- Noble Quarter 1-6

- Slum 3-4

- Merchant Lane 2-5, 1F

- Market Street 7-6, 2F

- Chapel 2-5, 2F

- Altinova 2-3

- Altinova 6-5

- Grána 2

- Grána 14

- Duvencrune 8

- Duvencrune 9, 2F

● (PlayStation) Added a feature where you can visit other Adventurers’ residence.



● Changed the interior of the Scarlet Sand Chamber where the world boss Kutum appears.

- The long research of the archaeologists has finally revealed the hidden chamber located deep within the Scarlet Sand Chamber. Desalam, the lead researcher of the Scarlet Sand Chamber project, said that the team found a new type of device in the chamber which no-one has ever seen, and added that it is assumed to be a heritage from the ancients.




● Added a feature where you can name Skill Presets.

- You can set the name by pressing X/□ on the Skill Preset settings button (Skill window).

- You can reset the name by pressing (LT/L2) on the name settings window.

● Fixed the issue where the Adventure Log notice on the left side of the screen would be positioned abnormally when adjusting the size of the UI.

● A message will pop up when closing the Marketplace window.

● A close button has been added to the item detail window in the Marketplace.

● A message will be shown when you complete the main questline in each territory.


Changes and Fixes

● Fixed the issue where Agris Fever points were consumed incorrectly when defeating summoned monsters while in a party.

● Fixed the issue with Morco's Gear Bag so that gears with no durability cannot be contained in it.

- When using "Change" function in Morco's Gear Bag, gears that can be equipped will be moved to Morco's Gear Bag.

● [Dark Knight] Eclipse Outfit - Fixed the graphical issue where upon sitting after having donned the outfit, her undergarments would be exposed outside the outfit.

● [Mystic] Lupine Outfit - Fixed the issue where equipping the vambrace after having donned the outfit would remove any dyes set to the outfit's cape.

● Fixed the issue with Valencia 17-2 where installing housing items on the 2nd floor balcony was impossible.

● Fixed the issue where characters that do not have Awakening content yet could not dye parts of horse gear and campsite.

● Fixed the hide sub-weapon button to appear correctly highlighted when having pressed the button while not in idle mode and the sub-weapon is already hidden.

● Fixed the issue where you could not move J’s Hammer of Loyalty between Inventory and Storage.

● Improved some sentences for better understanding and fixed typos.

● Fixed an issue where some backgrounds would be displayed abnormally.

● All mail received via coupons, including mail sent from the Web Storage, will now have an expiration date.
- The mail's expiration date will be the same as the coupon and once it is expired, the items cannot be restored.