Notices [Notice] Loyalties Revamp and Value Pack Buff
Black Desert 2021-02-19 12:00


Greetings Adventurers!


We’re here today to talk to our Adventurers about our plans to revamp the Loyalties Shop and buff the Value Pack effect.


For the Loyalties Shop, we’re working on revamping what’s currently available to help our Adventurers get the most out of their Black Desert adventures. By looking at the past data on items sold in the Loyalties Shop, we identified what items were most popular and used this to plan out how we will revamp the shop with items that will help your gameplay. Don’t worry though, some of the most frequently used items will not be leaving the Loyalties Shop and continue to be available after it’s revamped.


Additionally, once we revamp the Loyalties Shop, we’re planning to make it possible for any Adventurer to be able to get 200 points from Challenge every day. Afterward, we plan to update ways to obtain additional Loyalties from a variety of rewarding and appropriately demanding “in-game” contents.

Beyond this, we’re also looking to make sure this revamp will become something that will truly be helpful to our Adventurers, so please stay tuned.


The revamped Loyalties Shop will also be getting event-like “Special Items” added as well.


These “Special Items” are intended to match and react to content updates, in-game trends, etc., more quickly by us being able to rotate them for specific periods of time.


This will be set up with items that are usually hard to acquire or just helpful in certain situations. However, there may be additional purchase limitations as we have to respect the impact they may have on the in-game economy. As such, we’ll also be carefully considering what items will be sold and other factors to ensure the existing balance is maintained.


Moving on to the Value Pack, they currently grant a +10% Combat/Skill/Life/Mount EXP buff on Black Desert Console.

Ever since the value was first decided at release, a great number of updates have expanded the game’s contents and brought new items that increase the rate you gain EXP. Thus, we reached a conclusion that the current EXP value of 10% was pretty negligible to most Adventurers. As a result, we’ve decided to update the Value Pack’s buff to a 30% Combat/Skill/Life/Mount EXP buff on March 3rd, so Adventurers can truly feel its significance. Also, we will be increasing the weight limit provided by the Value Pack to 200 LT from 100 LT.


One more thing, we’ll be changing the Loyalties Shop so that the Value Pack will be available purchase starting on March 3rd as well.



New Support Systems are Being Prepared


Since the start, the Black Desert Studio has tried to provide new, returning, and existing Adventurers the support systems they need to settle into the game. We’ve implemented improved tutorials, added settlement funds from Igor Bartali, revised the early flow of the game, improved the UI, and more.

But, we won’t be stopping just there; we’re currently preparing new support systems for Adventurers playing Black Desert now and for Adventurers who haven’t even started their journey yet.


These new systems are being developed as content for Adventurers who play Black Desert for a long time or play very actively in mind. Their current stage is at a point where we’re still considering various factors such as their scope, what they include, and how they will work.

As soon as we’re ready to reveal this new support system, you’ll be the first to know, so please stay tuned.



More details about what’s stated above will be provided in future announcements.


We’ll continue to do our best to listen to your valuable feedback and keep improving Black Desert to be as fun as possible.

See you in Black Desert! Happy adventuring!


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