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Black Desert 2021-03-10 00:00




This time of year is chock full of celebrations for Black Desert. With the anniversaries of PC NA/EU, Xbox and Cross-play, and most recently Pearl Abyss taking back the publishing rights of PC NA/EU, there is a lot to be cheery about!


With the support of all Adventurers who journey through Black Desert, we have come far from the beginnings of Black Desert. We are eternally grateful for those who continue to play the game, and with that gratitude the Black Spirit has prepared a small gift.


■ Happy Black Spirit Buff (After the March 17th 2021 Maintenance)

- Full of gratitude, the Black Spirit offers his powers to help Adventurers.

Happy Black Spirit Buff

AP +1

DP +1

Max HP +30

Max WP/SP/MP +10

Stamina +20

Accuracy +4

Dodge +4

Weight Limit +20LT

* This buff effect will apply to all Black Desert accounts after the March 17th maintenance.

* This buff applies to all Adventurers regardless of the date of the account creation.

* This buff will be a permanent addition to the game.


■ 530% Combat & Skill EXP (60 Min.) Purchase Reset

After the March 17th maintenance, Adventurers will once again be able to purchase the 530% Combat & Skill EXP (60 min.) for 530 silver from the Pearl Store.  

530% Combat & Skill EXP (60 Min.) x53 

Combat EXP+530%

Skill EXP +530%

* This item can be purchased once per family. 


The Black Desert Service team strives to offer unchanging value to Adventurers. We want to continue to build the relationship between player and company, and as soon as possible we look forward to meeting Adventurers the world over.


Thank You


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