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As many of you have already seen, the Game Design Director Jeseok Jang, recently announced the roadmap for the upcoming content that is making its way to Black Desert Console. If you haven’t seen the full video yet, or would like to watch it one more time, check it out below! We have also summarised the information in this notice in case you are unable to watch the video!





Star’s End and Blackstar



The first item on this list has already been released, but Star’s End and Blackstar made their way to the game on March 3rd! With the Blackstar weapons being available through a quest, everyone can start their journeys to become powerful! You can find more information about Star's End and Black weapons on the related GM note.



Caphras Enhancements



The second item on this list was just recently released, as Caphras Enhancements are now possible! Once your gear reaches TRI and above, you will be able to infuse Caphras Stones into your weapons. At different stages throughout the Caphras levelling you will earn increased stats on your gear, and when you reach level 20 in Caphras, you can safely enhance your gear to the next tier.


For those looking to progress their PEN gears, Caphras Stones will allow you to continue increasing your power. Unlike the PC implementation of Caphras, we will be limiting the Caphras level of PEN gear to level 5, and increasing it over time. The reasoning for this is to avoid creating an excessive gear gap between those players who are already prepared to Caphras enhance their PEN gear and those who are looking to use Caphras to safely enhance up to PEN.


In the video, Jeseok Jang announced that there are plans to increase this cap to level 10 around the fall, and level 20 for PEN gear sometime around next March.



Life Skill Mastery

Life Skill Mastery unlocks a whole new way to Life Skill. From batch processing to better chances of catching horses, Life Skill Mastery affects nearly every Life Skill in a positive way. Increasing your mastery comes from the levels of your life skills, as well as the life mastery gear that you have equipped.


March will see the introduction of the green grade Loggia gear, then 3 months after that the blue Geranoa gear will be introduced, and finally, 6 months after the introduction of Loggia gear, Manos gear will be introduced. The reasoning for the staggered release, as Jaeseok put it, is to ‘...introduce Mastery gear in a manner where you won’t have to rush with acquiring your gear’.



Character Tagging and Marni’s Suspicious Device



If you have been playing Black Desert since the beginning of Console, there may have been a new class that was released which you feel is better suited, but the prospect of switching out all your gear can be a daunting process. With the introduction of both Character Tagging and Marni’s Suspicious Device, you will be able to lend your gear to another class on a 1:1 basis. So, if you currently have all PEN gear, you will be able to tag a new character to also have PEN gear. This has limitations that will be explained when this system is added.  


Character Tagging and the Marni’s Suspicious Device are expected to be released this April.


Great Ocean Update

May will bring the Great Ocean Update, an update to the existing ocean content that we received during the Margoria update! This update allows you to upgrade your sailboats and frigates into bigger and better ships, and also introduces a new Life Skill in Bartering. Not only that, this update will also bring Sycraia Underwater Ruins and the Padix Island renewal, bringing new accessories for you to get.


Adventurer Support



The last thing discussed in the video was Adventurer support. We are still in the planning stages of these functions, but the idea is to give new ways to help adventurers explore the world of Black Desert. This could be daily funds from Igor Bartali to Olvia Server-like growth events. Regardless we would like to hear more from our adventurers on how we could work on these ideas, so please hit us up where possible.


And on the topic of Adventurer Support, we are currently considering adding Console specific Season Servers in the summer, with possible specification changes to better match the current progression levels of Console. 



Miscellaneous Content

Although no dates were announced, there are also plans to bring in improved Imperial Crafting Delivery, Mediah Node Wars, and the Dream Horse Diné. On top of all that, there is also the content that was announced during the Calphe:ON ball. This content is still in development so it is hard to give solid dates, but we will be communicating the status on these when the time to release it comes closer.  


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