Events [Event] Dawn of a New Sage
Black Desert 2021-03-31 00:00


The Last Ancient has arrivedawakening for his long slumberWhile there are many questions that need answeringone thing is for certainSage needs to grow stronger to handle the threats of the world of Black Desert 


Unravel the mysteries of Sage’s past while helping him grow stronger to be rewarded for your efforts 


Event I – 15 to 60 in a Jiffy


Event Period 

NA: After the March 30th Maintenance - Before the April 27th Maintenance 

EU: After the March 31st Maintenance - Before the April 28th Maintenance  

ASIA: After the March 31st Maintenance - Before the April 28th Maintenance 


Event Details 

Level up Sage and achieve the levels below to receive rewards in your Challenge menu. 

Achieved Level 

Challenge Completion Rewards 

Level 15 

[Event] Extra Combat EXP Scroll x3

Level 25 

[Event] Extra Skill EXP Scroll x3

Inventory +1 Expansion Coupon x2

Level 35 

[Event] High-Quality Draught Box x3

[Event] High-Quality Food Box x3

Premium Elixir Box x1

Level 45 

Advice of Valks (+15) x1

 Fresh Orange Juice x10

Sweet Wild Berry Juice x10

Sour Green Grape Juice x10

Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min.) x5

Level 55 

Blessed Message Scroll (100 min.) x3 

 Advice of Valks (+20) x1 

[Event] Shakatu's Rarity Box x1 

Level 56 

Cron Stone x50 

 Advice of Valks (+30) x1 

[Event] Artisan’s Memory x5 

Valks’ Cry x5 

[Event] Item Brand Spell Stone x1

Laila’s Petal x4

Level 57 

Rare Magic Crystal Surprise x1

Book of Training – Combat (10 Hours) x1

Book of Training – Skill (10 Hours) x1

Gold Bar 100G x3

Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min.) x5

Level 58 

Inventory Expansion +8 Coupon x1

 Gold Bar 100G x5

Ancient Magic Crystal - Cobelinus x1

Contract: [Transaction Maid] Fairy Irene x1

Level 59 

Advice of Valks (35-45) x1

 [Event] Artisan’s Memory x10

Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min.) x3

Level 60 

Combat & Skill EXP 300% Scroll (60 min.) x5

Fine Accessory Box II x1

[Event] Shakatu's Rarity Box x1

[Event] Shakatu's Luxury Box x1

This Challenge can only be completed by a Sage character and the rewards can only be obtained by a Sage character 

- The level up Challenges and rewards can only be completed and received once per Family during the event period.  


Event II – Level Up Phase 2


Event Period 

NA: After the March 30th Maintenance ~ Before the May 25th Maintenance 

EU: After the March 31st Maintenance ~ Before the May 26th Maintenance  

ASIA: After the March 31st Maintenance ~ Before the May 26th Maintenance 

Achieved Level

Challenge Completion Rewards 

Level 61

Ancient Spirit Dust x200


[Event] Item Brand Spell Stone x2

Level 62 

Advice of Valks (+70) x1



Cron Stone x200


Event Notice 

※ This event can only be completed by a Sage character. 

※ The level up Challenges and rewards can only be completed and received once per Family during the event period. If you have more than one of the same class in your Family, the character that reaches the level first will complete the Challenge.

※ Trial characters cannot participate in the event. 

※ Items given in this event may be family bound or character bound and may vary depending on the itemPlease check each item before using as items that are character bound cannot be moved or switched.  

※ Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change, modify or cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances.  

※ Any changes made can be found on this event page.  

※ Participating in the event using inappropriate methods will result in a cancellation or retrieval of your reward and restriction from the game.  

※ If you have any questions about this event, please send a ticket through [Support].  

※ This event follows the [Event Rules].