GM Notes [GM Note] A Look at the New Olvia Server Benefits
Black Desert 2021-03-31 01:00


The new class, Sage, launches March 31st, and leveling new characters can be a real struggle. But worry no more, as the freshly renewed Olvia server bonuses will help you along your way.


NEW Olvia Server Bonuses?


The renewed Olvia server benefits are coming alongside the new class, Sage! After the March 31st maintenance, the bonuses you receive from Olvia, as well as the level cap, will be changed to make progress even easier!

Olvia Server Benefit Change

After the March 31st Maintenance


The Olvia Server will operate the same as the existing Olvia Server, in that you will only be allowed to join the server if you are considered a New or Returning user to Black Desert!

 Olvia Server access criteria

New User: First connection to Black Desert was within the last 30 days (720 hours)


Returning User: Last connection was at least 30 days (720 hours) before returning to the game, including connecting to the app and using the Central Market through the app.

The new Olvia server is for Adventurers who fulfill the new or returning Adventurer requirement above, or have less than a total of 150 levels with all characters in their family after the March 31st Maintenance.  


So what are the new benefits to the Olvia Server?


The new benefits for playing on the Olvia Server are considerably more powerful than they were previously! Check them out below!


① Exclusive Olvia 24 Hour Hot Time Bonuses!

Hot Time Bonus

The Olvia Server Combat and Skill EXP hot time bonuses will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


Current Olvia Servers offers you a 100% Combat EXP and 30% Skill EXP bonuses


But the NEW Olvia Server bonuses offer you a 24-hour 150% Combat and 50% Skill EXP increases!

* Playing on the weekend will give you an additional 100% Combat EXP! The following times are considered the weekend for Black Desert.



Weekend Times

North America

Friday 11:00 PM ~ Sunday 10:59 PM PDT


Saturday 07:00 AM ~ Monday 06:59 AM UTC+1


Saturday 03:00 PM ~ Monday 02:59 PM GMT+9


② Your Olvia journey now lasts longer!

Maximum Level allowed to access the Olvia Server

Current Olvia Servers allow characters to access the game up to level 60 (99.999% EXP)


NEW Olvia Server bonuses allow you to access the Olvia Server until you reach level 61(99.999%)!


③ Dream about being a professional Life Skiller? Enjoy boosted life skills until reaching Artisan Lv.1 !

Life Skill Hot Time

NEW Olvia Server offers a +100% Life Skill EXP Hot time until you reach Artisan 1 on the Olvia Server!


Gain Extra Life Skill EXP in fishing, trading, cooking and more!


④ Better opportunities to gain Contribution EXP for various quests!

Contribution EXP benefits!

NEW Olvia Server makes it easier than ever to obtain Contribution EXP! Get more contribution EXP depending on your current Contribution Points!  


* +150% Contribution EXP until you reach 99 Contribution Points.

* +100% Contribution EXP until you reach 199 Contribution Points.

* +50% Contribution EXP until you reach 249 Contribution Points!

⑤ There is also special rewards for brand new adventurers to Black Desert.

For New Adventurers 

Challenge Rewards 

First Connection to Black Desert was within the last 30 days (720 hours)  

Inventory Category 20% Discount Coupon 

Weight Category 20% Discount coupon 

Pet Category 20% Discount coupon 

First Character to reach level 56 

Function Category 20% Discount Coupon 

Apparel Category 20% Discount Coupon 


⑥ The Capotia rewards for leveling characters has also been renewed! Level up your characters to receive the following rewards  

Existing Target Levels 

New Target Levels 

New Level Rewarsd 



Capotia Ring 



Capotia Earring 



Capotia Belt 



Capotia Necklace 

New, Powerful Rewards 


TRI (III) Capotia Ring 


TRI (III) Capotia Earring 


TRI (III) Capotia Belt 


TRI (III) Capotia Necklace 

Look forward to the new class, Sage, and the new Olvia Bonuses coming March 31st to Black Desert Console.  


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