Updates [Update] 4/5 Minor Patch
Black Desert 2021-04-05 00:00




A minor patch was released to fix the following issues:

  • ● [Sage] Issue where the camera does not move as intended when selecting a helmet, glove, underwear, or accessory for Sage in the Pearl Shop.
  • ● Issue where dyed outfits of certain classes would sometimes not display the correct dye.
  • ● Issue where the chat window moves when you resize it.

- The chat window has been temporarily removed from the list of relocatable UI through this minor patch, and will be added again as the issue is fixed through further updates.


In order for these changes to be applied, you will need to restart your game. For those Adventurers who have yet to connect to the game, this update will be automatically applied the first time you log in.


Thank you!


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