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The Character Tagging system will soon be making its way to Black Desert. This function ties two of your characters together, meaning they will share the same location with each other. From there, you can quickly switch between both characters with certain limitations.


How to Character Tag


Character Tagging is available to all characters and classes. Starting the process is easy. Make sure that both your characters are in the same town, and then head to the Character Tagging Menu. From there, select the classes that you want to link together, press the A/X button and the process is complete. (Characters cannot be tagged in Kusha, Abun, and  Muiqunn.)


Once tagged, your two characters will share a location, and switching between the two will be just a button press away. This will allow you to change up your playstyle to suit the monsters you’re fighting. Not only that, but their energy pools are also separated, so having two characters tagged with similar gathering levels will allow you to near-instantly continue your gathering experience.


If you wish to untag your characters, you will need to head to the town that you originally tagged them in. You will not be able to tag characters together in Velia, and untag them in Valencia.


Character Tagging Limitations


There are of course limitations to character tagging. You cannot switch characters in the following locations/situations: 

Altar of Blood, Pit of Undying, Red Battlefield, Arena of Arsha, Battle Arena, Node/Conquest War, Great Ocean, Great Desert 

Remember that you will be able to swap before you enter these modes, and the tagged character can still enjoy these contents. All this means is that you will need to leave the area in order to perform the tagging action.


Tagged Characters will also share Emergency Escape and Character Switch cooldowns. Once a character has been switched to a tagged character, you’ll have to wait another 4 minutes before switching again. However, you’ll still be able to switch between characters through the character selection menu without waiting. Emergency Escape cooldown is also shared so if you’ve activated the skill in one of the tagged characters, you’ll have to wait 5 minutes to use it again on the other character.

The final restriction with the tagging system is that the use of trade is restricted while tagged. This means both Imperial Delivery and normal trade functions will be locked during the duration of the tag. If you are gathering or slaying monsters on the field, trade items can still drop and be stored in the inventory of the tagged characters, but they will just be unable to sell them or purchase while tagged. Also, trade items cannot be moved or stored in the mount’s inventory or the city storage.


Marni’s Suspicious Device (Item Copy)


After completing the questline to unlock the item copy function, you will be able to pay silver to copy your gear between your tagged characters. This process requires the quest to be completed, and then for you to obtain the correct amount of 'Marni’s Unstable Fuel' (purchasable from an Old Moon Manager for 10,000,000 per fuel. The total cost of the Fuel is based upon the gear copied (more on this later).


To obtain the first quest, ‘[Marni’s Suspicious Device] A Splendid Deal’, you will need to have at least one character at level 56, then talk to the Black Spirit to begin the questline. During this quest, you will need to complete a puzzle image, which requires at least 9 available slots in the inventory. To move items around, you will first need to unsort your inventory by pressing LS/L3 and then hold A/X to move items around in your inventory.


Once the questline is completed, you will be able to copy items from one character to another using the ‘Marni’s Suspicious Device’.


Item Copy 


After the function is made available to you, you will be able to use the ‘Marni’s Suspicious Device’ to copy gear by going to the Character Tag window and press the ‘Item Copy’ Button. When the function is available, you will be able to see how much Unstable Fuel is needed to copy your gear. Only gears with 100% durability can be placed into the device, and you’ll see at the bottom of the window telling you how much fuel is needed. (NOTE: Items that are red cannot be copied.)



Copied items will be identical to the original item but cannot be enhanced or extracted. Any transfused crystals, enhanced Caphras Stones and item brands on the weapons will also be copied over. If the enhancement or Caphras level of the main character’s gear changes while copied, the tagged characters gear will also change accordingly. However, any changes in crystals, item brands, and durability of the main character’s gear will not be reflected in the copied character’s gear. You may add or remove crystals from the copied gear but will not be able to extract crystals.


Copied items will become character bound which means you will not be able to put it in storage nor sell it on the Central Market or to an NPC.


Removing Copied Gear 


Copied items cannot be moved off your character. This means that you will be unable to move items to storage from both the character using the copies and the character using the originals.


Untagging your characters will destroy all copied gear, and in order to get it back, you will need to pay for ‘Marni’s Unstable Fuel’ once more. Gear that is deleted from the main characters gear (I.e Accessory enhance fail, throwing away a particular gear item) will also be removed from the copied character’s gear. If your copied character has 0 or less Karma (including outlaw status in the desert), and you are killed, all copied gear will instantly be destroyed, regardless of location, and the protections offered by Pearl Outfits will not be applied.


Extracting Garmoth’s Heart from the main character’s Fiery weapon will also delete the copied Fiery weapon in the tagged character and the same mechanism applies for reformed gears as well. However, if an item has been copied, then upgraded with Garmoth’s Heart or reformed, the copied item will not be deleted and remain the same without the upgrades.


Items that cannot be copied


There are certain items that cannot be copied between characters. This includes the following items:

Gears that do not have full and max durability.

Class Specific Outfits such as Calpheon Noble Dress.

Gear rented with contribution points

Season-only gear (when seasons are eventually implemented)

Gear incompatible with Weapon Exchange Coupons

Naru Gear

Shai talent Gear

Main Quest reward gear

Life Skill items that are equipped to weapon slots (Fishing Rod, Floats etc)

Limited time gear Spirit Stone


Item Copying Cost


To work out the total cost of copying a character’s gear, you can apply the following formula:


3% of the weapon’s Central Market Value + Number of Caphras x 43,000 silver


The value of the weapons takes into account the Central Market value of the Main Hand, Off Hand and Awakening weapon.


There is however a minimum cost of at least 200 million silver (20 Unstable Fuels) that will mean that lower grade equipment (such as TRI/TET weapons) will be more expensive than the formula makes them out to be.



TRI Kzarka + TRI Nouver +TRI Dande = 2,000,000,000 

3% of 2,000,000,000 = 60,000,000 

This would require 6 fuels, however there is a minimum cost of 200,000,000 Silver or 20 Fuels  

Final Cost to copy gear: 200,000,000 Silver 

PEN Kzarka + PEN Kutum + PEN Dande = 30,000,000,000 

3% of 30,000,000,000 = 900,000,000 Silver 

This will require 90 Marni’s Unstable Fuel (10,000,000 per fuel.)  

Final Cost to copy gear: 900,000,000 Silver 

We hope that the Character Tag and Marni’s Suspicious Device helps create a more comfortable playing experience for you, and allows you to potentially try different classes and characters without the overwhelming burden of investing into a character you’re not sure about. Look forward to these systems coming to Black Desert Console in the next update.


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