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Notices [Notice] 2021 Black Desert Heidel Ball Announcements!
Black Desert 2021-06-08 10:00


It is our pleasure to announce that [2021 Black Desert Heidel Ball], Black Desert’s most famed grand festival, will be held on June 19, 2021 (Sat) 17:00 (GMT+9)!


We invite you to an online, global gathering of Adventurers from all over the world to cherish, celebrate, and enjoy the seasonal festivities that we’ve prepared!


For those of you who’ve previously attended our festive traditions, you must be itching to get to know what’s in the basket for this year.


Well, what are we waiting for?

Let's get right down to business!


2021 Black Desert Heidel Q&A Session and Online Audience Lottery Events!

Share us your thoughts on Black Desert, Adventurer!


During last May 21st to the 30th, we conducted a global survey collecting valuable opinion and feedback from our Adventurers from all over the world and they answered back with much love along with a series of ingenious suggestions on how to improve the game for the better.


We like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voiced out and showed support for Black Desert.


Not to let such good ideas go to waste, we’ll be hosting a separate event in the [2021 Black Desert Heidel Ball] to share and discuss these opinions on stage.

Join us through Zoom as an online audience!


We’re looking for Adventurers who wish to participate in the [2021 Black Desert Heidel Ball] as a live stream audience!


 [Click here to find out more]


[2021 Black Desert Heidel Ball] Participation Event!


A one-day event to get free goodies for nothing! All you have to do is just watch our [2021 Black Desert Heidel Ball] stream on June 19, 2021 (Sat) (GMT+9)!


We’ll be selecting an Adventurer from the list of event participants and, behold, the winning prize is our very, only unique Black Desert merchandise, the Heidel Gift Set!

Heidel Gift Set

(Black Desert Headset x1, Black Desert Card Deck x1)

※ Actual appearance may vary from product images.


We'll be posting a [2021 Black Desert Heidel Ball] Event Notice on our official website very soon. Please visit the notice at our website to find out more!

[2021 Black Desert Heidel Ball] Special Lottery Event!


During [2021 Black Desert Heidel Ball], we’ll be selecting a handful of Adventurers who’ll be given an iPad Pro 12.9-inch version or an AirPod Pro.

IPad Pro 12.9-inch

AirPod Pro


Remember, there is much more behind the curtains of this joyous occasion!

Join in on our global online festival, the [2021 Black Desert Heidel Ball]!

We look forward to meet you very soon.


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