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GM Notes [GM Note] Upcoming Heidel Ball Grand Reveal: New Class and Figurine!
Black Desert 2021-06-15 00:00





We are only five days away before the long-awaited 2021 Black Desert Heidel Ball!
The biggest party of the summer will be held this Saturday on June 19 at 05:00 PM GMT+9.


We are more than anxious to meet and greet Adventurers from all over the world!


But what exactly will the new tides entail in the upcoming Heidel Ball?


Following last week’s first great wave, the Black Desert X BUGATTI collaboration, will be a wave of excitement with the unveiling of the Dark Knight figurine! And then, a wave of freedom with the grand premiere of the newest class – Corsair! 

We’re working hard to get everything ready, so hang tight a bit longer!


See you at the Heidel Ball!


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