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Updates [Update] 9/29 Patch Notes Part 2
Black Desert 2021-09-29 07:38


● Manos Gathering Tools have been added.

- You can craft Manos tools through the manufacturing option in the processing window.

- A total of six different Manos tools have been added, each designed to add extra Life Skill mastery to different facets of gathering.

Gathering Tool


Materials required to Manufacture

Manos Hoe

Improves efficiency when gathering with a hoe

Shining Steel Hoe x1, Metal Solvent x15, Manos Stone, x5, Magical Shard x50

Manos Lumbering Axe

Improves efficiency at lumbering trees

Shining Steel Lumbering Axe x1,Metal Solvent x15, Manos Stone, x5, Magical Shard x50

Manos Fluid Collector

Improves efficiency when collecting fluids (sap, blood etc)

Shining Steel Fluid Collector x1, Metal Solvent x15, Manos Stone x5, Magical Shard x50

Manos Tanning Knife

Improves efficiency when tanning hides

Shining Steel Tanning Knife x1, Metal Solvent x15, Manos Stone x5, Magical Shard x50

Manos Butcher Knife

Improves efficiency when gathering meat

Shining Steel Butcher Knife x1, Metal Solvent x15, Manos Stone, x5, Magical Shard x50

Manos Pickaxe

Improves efficiency when gathering stone

Shining Steel Pickaxe x1, Metal Solvent x15, Manos Stone, x5, Magical Shard x50

- You can enhance Manos Tools with Black Stone (weapon) up to +15, and you can use a Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon) to enhance to PRI (I) ~ PEN (V).

- You can force enhance Manos Gear from +8 to +15. Doing so requires more Black Stones and consumes more durability than a regular attempt.

- In the event of a failed enhancement attempt, the Enhancement Chance will increase by +1 regardless of the level of the item.

※ Please note that the Item Drop Rate Increase from mastery gear does not stack with the Item Drop Rate on Magic gathering tools.


● Manos Processing Stones have been added.

- Enhancing Manos Processing Stones can lead to larger amounts of materials mass processed, and it can significantly reduce the processing time required.

- Manos Processing Stones are enhanced to +15 with Black Stone (Weapon), and Concentrated Black Stone (Weapon) Can be used for PRI and above. You can use either another Processing Stone or Memeory fragments to restore durability.

Item Name 

Type of processing 

Materials required to Manufacture the item.  

Manos Processing Stone - Lake 


Ocean Saphire x30 + Gem Polisher x15 + Manos Stone x5 + Magical Shard x50 

Manos Processing Stone – Vitality 


Forest Emerald x30 + Gem Polisher x15 + Manos Stone x5 + Magical Shard x50 

Manos Processing Stone – Energy 


Moonlight Opal x30 + Gem Polisher x15 + Manos Stone x5 + Magical Shard x50 

Manos Processing Stone – Sun 


Gold Topaz x30 + Gem Polisher x15 + Manos Stone x5 + Magical Shard x50 

Manos Processing Stone - Wind 


Star Diamond x30 + Gem Polisher x15 + Manos Stone x5 + Magical Shard x50 

Manos Processing Stone - Lava 


Blood Ruby x30 + Gem Polisher x15 + Manos Stone x5 + Magical Shard x50 


● Manos Life Skill Mastery clothes have been added.


Materials required for Manufacturing 

Manos Gatherer’s Clothes 

Moonlight Opal x30, Dusk Laden Cotton Fabric x15, Manos Stone x5, Magical Shard x50 

Manos Craftsman’s Clothes 

Blood Ruby x30, Sunset Dyed Wool x15, Manos Stone x5, Magical Shard x50 

Manos Fisher’s Clothes 

Ocean Saphire x30 + Tear of the Great Ocean x30 + Magical Shard x50 + Manos Stone x5 

Manos Trainer’s Clothes 

Krogdalo’s Origin Stone x1 + Dusk Laden Cotton Fabric x1 + Manos Stone x5 + Magical Shard x40 

Manos Hunter’s Clothes 

Gold Topaz x30 + Dusk Laden Cotton Fabric x15 + Manos Stone x5 + Magical Shard x50 + Fire Horn x50 

Manos Sailor’s Clothes 

Ocean Saphire x30 + Twilight Red Coral x3 + Manos Stone x5 + Magical Shard x50 


Ocean Saphire x30 + Daybreak Blue Coral x3 + Manos Stone x5 + Magical Shard x50 

Manos Cook’s Clothes 

Indigo Lapis Lazuli x15 + Dawn Fallen Silk x15 + Manos Stone x10 + Fundamentals of Cooking x10 

Manos Alchemist’s Clothes 

Essence of Perfection x20 + Enlightened One’s Cotton Fabric x15 + Manos Stone x5 + Pure Gold Crystal x200 

- The material item Sunset Dyed Wool can be obtained by completing the daily quest from Lara, the General Goods Vendor in Heidel, or by exchanging either Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Cuisine] x100 or Golden Seal - [Imperial Cuisine] x100.

- The material item Scorched Fragment can be obtained by completing the daily quest from Lara, the General Goods Vendor in Heidel, or by exchanging either Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Alchemy] x100 or Golden Seal - [Imperial Alchemy] x100

- The material item Enlightened One's Cotton Fabric can be obtained by performing “Simple Alchemy” with EXP Elixir x50 and Cotton Fabric x50.

- The material item Dusk Laden Cotton Fabric can be obtained by “Grinding” Oil of Fortitude x50 and Cotton Fabric x50.

- The material item Dawn Fallen Silk can be obtained by “Grinding” Oil of Storms x50 and Silk x50.

- Manos Clothes can be enhanced to PEN (V), and the higher the enhancement level of the item, the higher the amount of Life Skill Mastery acquired.

- Manos Clothes can be enhanced to +5 without the chance of failure.

Enhancement Level 

Materials Required 

Enhancement Level 

Materials Required 

+1 ~ +5 

Black Gem x1 

PRI (I) 

Concentrated Magical Black Gem x1 

+6 ~ +8 

Black Gem x2 


Concentrated Magical Black Gem x2 

+9 ~ +11 

Black Gem x3 


Concentrated Magical Black Gem x3 

+12 ~ +13 

Black Gem x4 


Concentrated Magical Black Gem x4 

+14 ~ +15 

Black Gem x5 

PEN (V) 

Concentrated Magical Black Gem x5 

- Manos clothes are not affected by Enhancement Chance when enhanced, and the enhancement chance does not increase on failure.

- To enhance to PRI(I) and beyond, you need to use Concentrated Magical Black Gems.


● Manos Accessories have been added.

- For every 2 Manos Accessories equipped, you will gain +5% Life EXP

- You can obtain the materials by defeating monsters, crafting them, or purchase them from the Luxury Vendors.


Materials required to Manufacture 

Manos Necklace

Essence of Sun x10, Pure Titanium Crystal x100, Manos Stone x5, Magical Shard x40

Manos Earring

Essence of Enchantment x10, Pure Vanadium Crystal x100, Manos Stone x5, Magical Shard x40

Manos Ring

Essence of Abundance x10, Pure Vanadium Crystal x100, Manos Stone x5, Magical Shard x40

Manos Belt

Essence of Crimson Flame x10, Pure Titanium Crystal x100, Manos Stone x5, Magical Shard x40

- When crafting Manos Accessories, you can substitute the ‘Magical Shard x40’ for ‘Scorched Fragment x10’.

- Sorched Fragments, which are crafting materials required for Manos Accessories, can be obtained from daily quests from Lara, the General Goods Vendor in Heidel, or exchange either 100 Shiny Golden Seal [Imperial Alchemy] or 100 Golden Seal [Imperial Alchemy].

- Manos accessories can be enhanced to PEN(V), and the higher the enhancement level, the more Life Skill Mastery you will obtain.

Enhancement Level 

Enhancement Materials Required 

PRI (I) 

Concentrated Magical Black Gem x10 


Concentrated Magical Black Gem x11 


Concentrated Magical Black Gem x13 


Concentrated Magical Black Gem x16 

PEN (V) 

Concentrated Magical Black Gem x20 


● The Manos Riding Crop has been added.

- Manos Riding Crop adds Training Mastery, increases the maximum mount speed, auto run speed and auto-run sprint speed.

Item Name 

Item Effect 

Manos Riding Crop 

Training Mastery +5 
Max Mount Speed +20%,  
Max Auto-run Speed +50%,  
Auto-run Sprint Speed +20% 

- Manos Riding Crop can be manufactured in the following way:
Manos Stone x5. Magical Shard x50, Supreme Hard Hide x15, Krogdalo’s Origin Stone x1.

- You can obtain knowledge of the Manos Riding Crop, and all Manos Gear, by Manufacturing them.

-You can enhance the Manos Riding Crop up to +15 with Black Stone (Weapon), and from PRI(I) to PEN(V) with concentrated Magical Black Stones. As the Manos Riding Crop increases its enhancement level, you will gain more Training Mastery.
- If the durability is less than 100, the movement speed increase of mounts does not apply.


Ravinia Rebinia has added Manos Accessories to her list of wares. You can exchange Crow Coins, gained through bartering, for the following Manos Accessories.

Purchase Limit 


Crow Coins 

Once per day, per family 

Manos Ring x1 


Manos Earring x1 


Manos Belt x1 


Manos Necklace x1 



● Patrigio the Night Vendor, is never one to miss a beat, and has added Manos accessories to his list of wares.

- Manos Necklace

- Manos Earring

- Manos Ring

- Manos Belt


● All Manos related items that can be manufactured have been added to the Crafting Notes window.


● Manos Clothes have added to the item drop tables for the following locations:

- Abandoned Iron Mines

- Abandoned Iron Mine Rhutum District

- Abandoned Iron Mine Saunil District

- Abandoned Iron Mine Entrance

- Roud Sulfur Mine

- Polly's Forest

- Blood Wolf Settlement


● A new quest has been added that will reward you with Tears of the Great Ocean, a material required to craft Manos related fishing equipment. This quest can be picked up from Abelin in Velia


Quest Name



[Life Skill Mastery] Fisherman and the Sea



● A new quest has been added for the ‘Fundamentals of Cooking’ item, which is required to create Manos cooking gear.

- You can repeat the quest after completing it on a character from level 15 or above.

- The quests are available from the below NPC’s and will give you the Fundamentals of Cooking by handing in a Professional’s Satisfying Dinner Meal.


Quest Name 



[Repeat] Izaro’s Fundamental’s of Cooking 

Interact with Heidel’s Stable Keeper Izaro. 


[Repeat] Edman’s Fundamentals of Cooking 

Interact with Mediah’s Cook Edman. 


[Repeat] Valk’s Fundamentals of Cooking 

Interact with Calpheon’s leader of the knights Valks.  


[Repeat] Heidi’s Fundamentals of Cooking 

Interact with Grána’s Cook Heidi. 

- Professional’s Satisfying Dinner Meal can be acquired by processing>Imperial Cooking the following materials together: Meat Pie x30, Steak x20, Tea with Fine Scent x30.


● Knowledge for Manos Clothes, Accessories, Tools, and Stones have been added.

- You can acquire the following knowledge by talking to the corresponding NPCs. 



[Knowledge] Manos Gatherer's Clothes






[Knowledge] Manos Fisher's Clothes


[Knowledge] Manos Processing Stone – Lake

Tranan Underfoe

[Knowledge] Manos Processing Stone – Energy

Mevo Muranan

[Knowledge] Manos Processing Stone – Sun


[Knowledge] Manos Processing Stone – Wind


[Knowledge] Manos Processing Stone – Vitality


[Knowledge] Manos Processing Stone – Lava



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