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We’ve had one Season, but why not a second season? That’s right, the Season+ servers are making their way to Black Desert, bringing improved Tuvala enhancements, a new season pass and once it’s all done, a new way to learn more of the ropes of Black Desert. Check out all the details of the upcoming Season+ in this first look GM Note!


Season Characters earn special rewards at certain points as they level up! Season+ offers a wide array of rewards, including Adventurer Shoes and enhancement materials, which will really put a spring in your characters steps! Make sure to check out the Season Events notice when Season+ launches October 15th UTC+1.


How to Create Season Characters

You must first have at least one character slot empty to create a season character.

▲ Select the “Season Character” button before creating character


Decide carefully which class you wish to begin with because each family can only create one character in the season server. If you wish to change over to another class, you have to delete the previous season character and begin again or use Fughar’s Timepiece.


▲ Season characters have a special yellow marking on the left corner

to show that they’re a Season Server specific character



Sizzling Boosts to Start Seasons


With Season Servers focussing on character growth, we’ve cranked up the heat and added a 24/7 Combat and Skill EXP buff to really get your characters rolling.


First Hot-Time!

Event Period

NA: After the October 14th Maintenance ~ October 27th 12:59 AM PDT

EU: After the October 15th Maintenance ~ October 27th 06:59 AM UTC+1

ASIA: After the October 15th Maintenance ~ October 27th 02:59 PM GMT+9

24hr Hot Time Buffs!

+300% Combat EXP


+50% Skill EXP

※ Hot-time event applies to all servers, including Olvia. 

※ In the case of Olvia servers, the Hot Time event buffs will replace the natural Olvia buffs, not stack on top of them.


Second Hot-Time!

Event Period

NA: October 27th 01:00 AM PDT ~ when Season+ ends

EU: October 27th 07:00 AM UTC+1 ~ when Season+ ends

ASIA: October 27th 02:59 PM GMT+9 ~ when Season+ ends

24hr Hot Time Buffs Never Stop!

+150% Combat EXP
+50% Skill EXP


Weekend Hot Times

Weekend Hot Time Buffs

NA: Friday 04:00 PM ~ Monday (next week) 02:00 AM (PDT)

EU: Friday 04:00 PM ~ Monday (next week) 02:00 AM (UTC+1)

ASIA: Friday 06:00 PM ~ Monday (next week) 04:00 AM (GMT+9)

+250% Combat EXP
+50% Skill EXP

※ The weekend Hot Times do not stack with existing Hot Times (weekdays). 



Season Exclusive Tuvala Gear


■  How to acquire Tuvala Gear

Tuvala Gear is a special kind of equipment that can only be equipped by season characters! ‘Tuvala Gears’ are an excellent way to accelerate growth for Adventurers in the Season Server so be sure to get them as fast as you can.

Once you reach PEN (V) level with your Naru gear, go speak to Crow Merchant Chief Manager Fughar. He’ll exchange your PEN (V) Naru gear for a PRI (I) Tuvala gear of the same part!


There are two main ways to obtain Tuvala Gear.


What's Required

Hot to Obtain


Enhance the Naru Gear you obtain from the main questline to PEN (V) enhancement level.

① Go to the NPC Fughar after completing the Mediah questline.

② Exchange the PEN (V) Naru Gear for PRI (I) Tuvala Gear.


Collect Tuvala Ore that is obtainable from defeating monsters in Valencia, Kamasylvia and Drieghan.

① Bring the Tuvala Ore to a Blacksmith in a major town/city.

② Exchange for your desired Tuvala Gear.

In order to enhance Tuvala gear, you will need to obtain Time-filled Black Stones and Refined Magical Black Stones. Time-filled Black Stones are your bread and butter enhancement material for Tuvala gear. This item allows you to use enhancement chances to enhance your gear at any level. As you require large quantities of Time-filled Black Stones for enhancing and building enhancement chances, they drop in large numbers across the Season servers. So make sure to be on the look out for these.

While Time-filled Black Stones can enhance any item of Tuvala gear at any level, the Refined Magical Black Stone guarantees enhancement from +15 Tuvala to TRI(III) Tuvala gear. While using Refined Magical Black Stones, you will consume more durability than regular enhancing, so you’re going to need to make sure you have plenty of Tuvala Ore on hand in order to repair the maximum durability at the Black Smiths across Black Desert.

During this Season+ window, Tuvala gear will be easier to enhance than before, allowing you a much more pleasant route to graduation, so keep this in mind when reading on!


■  Tuvala Gear Quests

Fughar has prepared a special Tuvala gear quest for the Season! He's offering to give an Advice of Valks everytime you meet the enhancement requirements.



There are a total of 7 Tuvala gears, one for each body part and each gear will have a respective quest reward of its own. After receiving these quests from Fughar, equip the Tuvala gear with the right enhancement level on your character. It’s as simple as that to complete the quest!


As a reward, you can get 7 Advice of Valks (+40) if you can equip 7 TRI (III) Tuvala gears and 7 Advice of Valks (+60) if you equip 7 TET (IV) Tuvala gears!



Season Server Boosts! 


■ Simplified Main Quest (For Veteran Adventurers)

To make your season server experience even more unique from what you’ve experienced before, the Simplified Main Questline makes its return to Season Servers. This is especially good news for those of you who have already had a good run of the main quests and want to get right down to business!

Simplified Main Quest Requirements

Mediah Main Quest

‘[Pet] Bareed’s Junaid’ quest from NPC Bareeds III

* The season character in each family can accept the simplified main quest only once.
* The simplified main quest is available only in the season server and will disappear once the season ends.

* Please note that the choice to go through the simplified questline or the entire main questline is irreversible. 


Adventurers who have met the requirements above and have progressed through the main quest up to ‘The Sage of Velia’ with a season character can accept the simplified main quest.

Begin the simplified main quest by receiving ‘[Special Growth] Birth of a Prestigious Family’ quest from [Velia] NPC Alustin.


■ Earn More with the Black Spirit Pass! 

Check out the Black Spirit Pass from the main menu and earn even more rewards! The Black Spirit Pass gives you additional rewards such as maids, Sunset Maple Leaves, enhancement materials and more!

Season Pass Reward Highlights


Defeat the monster summoned from the “Rift’s Echo” to obtain the Frozen Tides Black Stone!

The Frozen Tides Black Stone is an enhancement material that has a 100% chance to successfully enhance season character exclusive Tuvala gear from TET (IV) → PEN (V).

(Note: This item cannot be used to enhance Tuvala accessories.)

Complete certain main quests, defeat certain monsters, or reach Lv. 61 to obtain the [Season] Sunset Maple Leaf!

Collect the [Season] Sunset Maple Leaf and exchange them for the items you need!

Check out the ‘[Event] Season Pass (feat. Sunset Maple Leaves)’ notice for more information about the Challenges and rewards!


■ Season Pass works on Simplified Main Questline!

Worried that you might miss on the Season Pass rewards because you chose the Simplified Main Questline? Not to worry! These quests will pop as you level up, and completing them will automatically reward you with certain Season Pass Challenges.

* If you progress through the simplified main questline, you can talk to the Black Spirit to receive the “Normal Season Pass” rewards after completing a quest.

Upon Completion of a Simplified Quest Offered by the NPC Alustin

Automatically Complete the Season Pass Challenges Below!

Complete [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum – Chapter 2

Joy of Growing Stronger

Practice Like You Mean It

Be Prepared!

I'll Do It My Way

Complete [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 3

Honestly and Appropriately

I Make the Decisions

You? You're Too Easy

Fly to the Sky

Complete [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 4

Battlefield Attendance!

The Scent of Prey!

Complete [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 5

A Hero in Troubled Times!

Look For Those In Need!

In Your Name!

Complete [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 6

See You Again Someday

Evil's Descent? Not On My Watch

Complete [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 7

With Burning Passion

The Choice is Mine

Don't Get Ahead of Yourself!

Complete [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 8

For A Satisfying Conclusion

Race Towards the End


■ Season Character EXP Transition

Ever felt like you wanted to change classes midway for your Season Character? If you started a Season Character with Class A, and changed your mind, you have an opportunity to change to Class B without having to start over again! All your Combat EXP and Skill EXP will be transferred over to the class you’ve selected!




How to Acquire

Fughar's Timepiece

Can be obtained once per Family upon completing the [Season+] Fughar's Special Timepiece quest with a season character that is Lv. 25 or higher!

* Adventurers who obtained Fughar's Timepiece will again be able to obtain it in Season+.

* Quests that are in progress or completed on Class A will not be transferred to Class B.


Also, the Class B character that you wish to transfer the season character status to must be Lv. 25 or lower to be transferrable. (Class A must be connected to a normal server with all their gear unequipped.)


Once you’ve used Fughar’s Timepiece, you will receive three exchange coupons (Tuvala Main Weapon Exchange Coupon, Tuvala Sub-weapon Exchange Coupon, and Tuvala Awakening Exchange Coupon) in the transferred character’s inventory after you’ve gone to the Character Selection screen. Use these coupons to change your Tuvala weapons to ones that are suitable for Class B!


■ Party Monster Zones

Did you start the Season+ with guildmates or friends?

In this season, three areas were changed to “Party Monster Zones.” (Normal and season servers!) Take this chance to party up with your friends and stack up loot together!

Monster Zone

Recommended Number of Party Members

Recommended Equipment

Waragon Nest


PRI (I) - DUO (II) Grade Tuvala Gear

Basilisk Den

DUO (II) - TRI (III) Grade Tuvala Gear

Shultz Guard

TRI (III) - TET (IV) Grade Tuvala Gear

※ Once Season+ ends, these monster zones will revert back to their original state.


What’s New With Season+? 


■ Easier Tuvala Gear Enhancements

To help reduce our Adventurers’ game progression, we’ve made it easier to enhance Tuvala Gear! First, we’ve decreased the number of Refined Magical Black Stones and durability that was consumed by a guaranteed enhancement of Tuvala weapons or defense gear.

Number of Refined Magical Black Stones Consumed

Enhancement Level



+15 → PRI (I)



PRI (I) → DUO (II)







Amount of Durability Consumed





We’ve also increased the chance of obtaining Tuvala accessories from Rift’s Echoes, so you’ll have more chances to enhance your Tuvala accessories!


Tuvla Gear

Attempted Enhancement Level

Enhancement Chance

Original Success Rate

New Success Rate


















Tuvala Accessories

Attempted Enhancement Level

Enhancement Chance

Original Success Rate

New Success Rate





















All these changes come together to make it easier than ever to enhance your Tuvala gear and accessories during Season+!


■ Exchange All 7 Tuvala Gear for Boss Gear 

Previously, you had to use a [Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon, which you can only use to exchange Tuvala Gear for one piece of Boss Gear. In Season+, there is no longer a [Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon; instead, you’ll be able to exchange all 7 equipment slots of Tuvala Gear for TET (IV) Boss Gear (that cannot be listed on the Central Market) once per Family. This change will be available after the October 27th Maintenance (UTC+1).


This untradable TET (IV) Boss Gear has a new way to enhance it to PEN (V) with some steady effort. Existing Adventurers who want to try to enhance Boss Gear to PEN (V) this way can exchange tradable TET (IV) Boss Gear for untradable TET (IV) Boss Gear once per Family for each gear slot.


Armor enhanced to PEN (V) this way can be used to craft the Fallen God’s Armor, which can also be listed on the Central Market!


■ Progression Pass Support

Worried about what happens after you graduate from Season+? There’s no need to worry because the Growth Pass will help you progress through Black Desert’s many contents! The Growth Pass will be made available to any Season+ server graduated character, free of purchase. This will be available after the October 27th Maintenance (UTC+1).

As you kick back and enjoy these Hot Time Buffs, you’ll also be rewarded for reaching certain milestones. These Levelling Aid Boxes offer Combat and Skill EXP buffs, Time-filled Black Stones and more!

Receive a Leveling Aid Box every 5 levels between level 10 and 50!
Receive a Leveling Aid Box every level between level 50 to 61!

We hope you feel ready to start your adventure on Season+! Happy adventuring!