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Install the Black Desert launcher if your game doesn't start.

Please Install the Black Desert launcher to start the game.

1 Run the downloaded - file to install the Black Desert launcher.

2 Please start the game once installation is complete.


Updates [Update] 12/14 Client Patch
Black Desert 2021-12-14 00:00



A minor patch has been released that is a step in addressing the crash issues and help optimize the game play environment.


● Memory usage of translation data has been optimized

● The issue where you cannot switch to the New Olvia - Novice server once you are already on a different server has been resolved.

● The issue where the inflicted debuffs/CCs and the number of times the corresponding debuffs/CCs on test dummies did not display as intended has been resolved.

● The item tooltip for J's Hammer of Loyalty has been updated.

● The issue where certain items would items display in other languages has been resolved.

- Spanish will be resolved at a later date.

If you are currently connected to Black Desert, you will need to restart your game in order to download the update.

For adventurers already in-game, you will need to turn off the game and check for updates on your console.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the issues recently affecting the game, and will continue to improve the stability of the service.

Thank You


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