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Notices [Notice] [Resolved] Temporary Closure of Black Desert TV
Black Desert 2022-03-16 00:00


We discovered an issue on the official website, where the Black Desert TV page does not properly display livestreams when a broadcast is selected. As a result, we have temporarily closed the page until this is resolved. 


Please refer below for the exact details.  


Temporary Closure of Black Desert TV 

- Time Period: March 3, 2022 (Thu) 05:40 PM (GMT+9) ~ March 16, 02:00 AM (PDT)

- Details: Unable to access the Camping Grounds > Black Desert TV page 

We ask for your patience regarding this issue as we are currently investigating it with the broadcast platforms. 


Once this issue is resolved, we will update you through this notice. If you wish to watch Black Desert-related video content while this page is unavailable, please watch via the link below.  

[Link to Black Desert Video Content] 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 


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