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GM Notes [GM Note] Guide of Aal
Black Desert 2020-08-18 00:00

I will reveal the truth. I am the truth, so return and pray, for there you shall fulfill the rest of your mission.

Hear Me, as the bush needs water to grow, and the flowers must be tended to before they wither, send your blessings of the holy sands before your servant dries into dust.


A lost soul cries out into the night sky. The sands of the hourglass run thin, as the soul found no answer to the Blackstar.

With time running out, the souls fleeting life seems certain to end.


Let me overpower the certainty of death.


The prayer finishes. A weakened hand clutching to his Haladie refuses to let go. His armor of faith is cracked, yet still protects him from the void that awaits his demise.


‘Aal’s faithful servant. What causes you to cry out in a place like this?

Nourish yourself with my words, carry yourself back to the fortress and rest.

Take comfort that your prayer has reached Aal.’


The words resonated with the lost soul. His mission to discover the truth of the Blackstar had reached an unfortunate end. But to return to a fortress filled of those who deny the teachings? Those old men who revel in the power they have over the servants of Aal? Perhaps he should obey the command, return to where his journey began and turn his brothers back towards the true path, and not that of the false leaders.


‘Of all Aal’s servants, I appeared for you, and in this apparition I will reveal the truth.

I am the truth, so return and pray, for there you shall fulfill the rest of your mission.

If each of your deeds is a grain of sand, then you are the reason for the Great Desert.

You have filled the space between Valencia and Mediah with your heroics, and with these deeds you need to take comfort, and spend the rest of your time under Aal’s blessing.’


As he listened to the words, the lost soul began to reflect on the commandments of Aal. The first Prophet, Barhan, took the words of Aal and committed them to scripture. The final Prophet, Kayal, spoke of the Blackstar’s fall and how it would open the doors to Paradise to the north. However the Blackstar did fall, yet Paradise had not opened its shrouded gates. And in that moment, the mist in his mind began to fade, and clarity was once more his.


Stand aside false herald, for those of pure intention would not speak with a serpent’s tongue.


In that moment the ground around them shifted as thousands of sand colored snakes slithered away, revealing a grand city in front the soul and the herald.


‘Take stock of your surroundings servant. Your birthright surrounds you.

Breathe in the city, let it fill your very being.

Worship me and I will ensure that your blood sits on the throne of Valencia for the rest of time.’


‘The serpentine shadow whispers of a paradise filled with false hope’.

The soul was now fortified by the teachings of Aal.


‘The serpentine shadow whispers of a paradise.’

The soul realized what it was he must do.


‘The serpentine shadow whispers.’

The soul reached out.


"Servant of Hadum, with Aal on my side I shall not falter.

This servant is loyal only to Aal, and I must do what is within my power to best serve him.

I am the Blade of Aal so prepare, foul creature, for today will be your last."






When a normal person meets the Ibedor, the Shadow of Hadum, they become corrupted by the darkness and evil within. However the Hashashin’s devotion to Aal is so strong that he defeats the shadow, and absorbs the power of Ibedor, allowing him to combine Aal’s blessings and Hadums corruption without succumbing to it himself. 

With his Dual Glaives in hand, the Hashashin can cut through enemies at a blistering pace. As well as his new weapon, the Hashashin can also tap into the powers of Ibedor, allowing him to summon sand snakes to help finish off his opponents.



Hashashin Awakening Trailer





Call upon a snake to lift an enemy up into the air and slam them back down.



Ensnaring Sands

Shift the sands below the enemies feet and trap them.  


Paradise Surge

Close the distance to your foe, and deliver a lethal blow.



Snakes constrict and bind your foe, rendering them immobile.




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