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GM Notes [GM Note] Black Desert from A to Z for First-time Adventurers!
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Well met, Adventurer! Congratulations on taking your first step into Black Desert!


Questions piling up as you begin your adventure?

Don’t fret! This guide will cover all the basics of Black Desert!



On Season Servers


Q. I can choose between 2 regions to start... What’s the difference?


Immediately after you’ve completed creating your character, you’ll come across a daunting menu prompting you to choose between the Ancient Stone Chamber and the Land of the Morning Light.

This choice affects the starting region where you will begin your adventures.

Regardless of your decision, you will be able to visit the other region you didn’t choose later along the line so no need to worry about missing out!



Q. How do I convert Naru gear into Tuvala gear?


Once you’ve enhanced your Naru main weapon/sub-weapon/helmet/armor/gloves/shoes to PEN (V) enhancement level, you can exchange each piece to its PRI (I) Tuvala equivalent


Q. What is the “simplified questline”? 

The simplified questline is available to adventurers who have already completed the Main questline up to Mediah on another character in their Family. You can opt your season character to take on the simplified questline instead of the Main questline up to Mediah.

The simplified questline lets you skip the Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, and Mediah Main questlines, as you’ll be encouraged to level up and be awarded for reaching certain level thresholds.

Complete “[Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 11”, the final quest of the simplified questline and your season character will be able to continue the Main questline from Valencia.


Q. I used Fughar’s Timepiece, but I still can’t graduate? 
Fughar’s Timepiece is an item that will help you try different classes!
However, any season character that uses this item will be converted into a normal character, and thus become unable to enter a season server.

Using Fughar’s Timepiece does not automatically graduate your season character.
Please wait for future notice regarding seasonal graduation for more information!


Q. I’ve obtained a decent item, but I’m unable to equip it. Can I only equip Naru and Tuvala gear? 

In general, season characters are limited to donning gear that include “Tuvala” in their name.

They can also equip gear with the Black Spirit () on the item’s icon .

Only normal characters can equip boss gear such as Kzarka main weapons, Dandelion awakening weapons, Giath’s Helmet, etc. However, upon seasonal graduation, your character will be able to equip these pieces of gear as well.


Q. I’m stuck at Lv. 49. How do I level up to Lv. 50? 
Talk to the Black Spirit to accept the [To Level 50!] Go Beyond Your Own Limits quest!
After completing the quest, keep earning EXP and you will level up to Lv. 50.

Q. What monsters should I go fight? 
Head over to your Menu → Adventure → Monster Zone Info.
You’ll find monster zones sorted by recommended AP/DP and various other information such as acquirable loot.


General FAQ 

Q. I’m new to Black Desert. I have no clue where to start?!

If this is your first time to Black Desert, you’ve probably created a “season character.”
On the Server Select window, choose to enter a “Season” server, then complete the objectives in the season pass which will serve as guidelines to help your character grow.


Q. What’s a Ring Menu?

In the bottom mid-section of your screen, you’ll notice gamepad commands lined up. This is the Ring Menu, a bunch of hotkeys of sorts. You can customize this bar to your heart’s desire!

If a certain directional button has been hotkey-ed with multiple functions, you will see the above menu appear, which you can navigate through with the right joystick (RS).
TIP: If a button has only one skill or function saved, it will activate instantly!


Q. What’s a coupon code? How can I use them?

To redeem coupon codes, you need to make sure your account is linked on the official website.

How to link your account
1) Sign up to the official Black Desert Console website
2) Select “My Info” in the in-game Menu
3) Press the Y/△ button and select “Link Accounts” (you can also sign up during this step to the website if you haven’t already)
4) Enter the email address and password you signed up with on the website


Q. How to control the camera

To move the camera, hold down RS for 3 seconds, then, while still holding it down, you’ll be able to zoom in/out or move the camera in any direction you desire.




Q. How to search for items

If you’ve no idea where a certain idea is,
try Menu – Function – Find My Item today!

You can also make your maids/butlers bring the found item directly to you as well!


Q. What’s CP and Energy?

CP: Contribution points, or “CP” for short, are points used mainly to invest in nodes or purchase residences. You can also use these points to rent special gear such as hunting rifles and flutes.

The basic way to acquire Contribution EXP is by completing quests.

Energy: Used to interact with NPCs and Life skill content such as Gathering, Fishing, Mining, etc.

Learn Knowledge to increase your max amount of Energy.


Q. There are items stuck in deactivated slots in my inventory that I can’t seem to use.
You can move items stored in deactivated inventory slots to an active & empty slot and use them accordingly.


Q. Do world bosses spawn across all servers? Does it matter which server I’m connected to? What’s the catch

World bosses spawn on all servers except for Olvia, and Arsha servers.

World bosses spawn in specific locations and everyone is welcome to join in the raid.

However, we do recommend your character has enough DP, to withstand the powerful blows of world bosses, and AP, to deal enough damage, before rising to the challenge.


Q. Why are there exclamation marks (!) above NPCs? 
If it’s your first time interacting with a particular NPC, you will notice a yellowish exclamation mark icon floating over their head.

▲ New NPCs are also displayed with question marks on the minimap

Interacting with NPCs or certain structures and objects for the first time may grant you relevant Knowledge.

So if you see any NPCs marked as shown in the images, don’t hesitate but talk to them to learn their Knowledge!


Q. I’m out of inventory space! How can I manage by bags?

Whether it be Hunting or proceeding with quests, you might find your bags suddenly filled with items which, you’ve no idea of their specific usage but, are preventing you from claiming quest rewards or monster loot!

Here’s a little tip!
Use the Central Market Warehouse!

Central Market NPCs can be found in every town.
They will grant you access to the warehouse where you can store items you won’t be using anytime soon.

You can store as many items as the warehouse weight limit allows for (which is a lot), and this is something you’ll be doing throughout your stay in Black Desert!

Items that cannot be stored in the warehouse can be stored in your local storage via storage keeper NPCs. They’ll hold onto such items until you need them again!

TIP: Items that mention “Vendors would buy this item at a fair price” in their description are typically regarded as “junk” loot. It’s better to sell these to NPC vendors and free up their inventory slots as soon as you can!



Your Inventory includes your normal inventory tab and the Pearl inventory tab.
Make sure you know which inventory you’re storing your items in!



Q. Where can I get a free Dream Horse?!
Claim your very own Vipiko's Rocking Horse and Vipiko's Calling Horn from the Challenge window before the September 20, 2023 maintenance, then combine them via Processing - Manufacture to obtain your very own Dream Horse.


Q. My horse had a fatal... “accident.” What do I do?

If your mount ends up meeting an unfortunate fate, you can always seek out the stable keeper NPC to recover them.
As long as your mount has no trade items in its inventory, you can recover them from the nearest stable and take them out from there.

If your mount has trade items, you will need to head over to the territory’s main stable keeper to recover your mount.

Q. I left my horse in Velia and now I’m miles away. Do I have to trek all the way back to Velia?
Try using the “Remote Collection” feature from any stable keeper NPC near you!

This will move your mount to the current stable immediately.
However, you may have to recover your mount’s health before taking them out, so don’t forget!


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