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GM Notes [GM Note] [PEN (V) Blackstar] A New Challenge Awaits
Black Desert 2024-06-26 09:00

[PEN (V) Blackstar Weapon]

A New Challenge Awaits


Satisfy both conditions

to claim your very own PEN (V) Blackstar weapon!


First, reach Lv. 61 with a character! 

Second, complete one of the following quests with the same character!

Condition (Select 1)
Quest Name
Complete main questline up to Mediah
[Main] - [Reliving the Darkness]
▶ Apocalyptic Prophecy
Complete Morning Light main questline
[Main] - [LoML] Ruler of Taebaek
▶ [Koo Mihyun] Seungsan's Secret
Complete the Simplified main questline
With a Season Character, from the NPC Fughar
▶ [Special Growth] Fughar's Memorandum - Chapter 11

Satisfied both conditions?

Claim your box from Challenge!

Choose Your PEN (V) Blackstar Weapon Box

Choose either main or awakening weapon, then type in the confirmation text verbatim.

If you’re a new adventurer, make sure to take another look at Succession and Awakening skills before choosing your weapon!



PEN (V) Blackstar Main Weapon Box

PEN (V) Blackstar Awakening Weapon Box

[Caution!] Be certain when choosing your main or awakening weapon.

There will be a text prompt to enter before you get to choose your main (Succession) or awakening (Awakening) weapon. 
Once you’ve entered the text and obtained your weapon, there’s no going back. (recovery/exchange is not supported).

Greetings, New Adventurer!

Stumped on main/awakening weapons?

[Caution!] Make sure your class can open the box.

Opening the box will grant you a weapon suitable for your character’s class. 

* If a Ranger opens the main weapon box -> obtains Longbow / If a Maegu opens the box -> obtains a Foxspirit Charm. 


Therefore, please make certain that you are opening the box with the correct class.

* If you make a mistake, you can use a "Weapon Exchange Coupon" to change the weapon. 

* You can get a "Weapon Exchange Coupon" by exchanging Seal of Journey obtained from the Season Pass! [Click here]

* Can be equipped by "normal characters" only, not season characters. 
* Cannot be registered on the Central Market.
* Shai cannot open the awakening weapon box.

New to Black Desert?


Meet the same requirements as PEN (V) Blackstar and get a TET (IV) Blackstar weapon!

What coupon can you use right now?

Discover what events are happening in Black Desert.



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