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Adventurer's Guide

Season Progression Basics

- We recommend that you progress your season character via the main questline.
- For Adventurers who are well-adapted to playing Black Desert, the simplified main questline is a way to progress quickly.
- Refer to the Season Pass for easier character progression while receiving rewards.

Leveling Your Season Character

■ Progressing via the main questline.

If you are an Adventurer on a Season Server for the first time, it is recommended that you progress your character via the main questline. Even if you have been playing Black Desert, it is recommended that you progress your character via the main questline if you are not used to the world of Black Desert.


You can experience the world of Black Desert as you complete a variety of quests in the main questline. Also, you can receive a variety of rewards helpful in progressing your character.


You can accept quests from the main questline from the “Main Quest” option from the Black Spirit.

▲ You can press on the directional pad (default controls) to summon the Black Spirit.


You can check the main quests that you have accepted from the Main Quest window on the right part of the screen. You can press LT/L2+ ↓on the d-pad to bring up your Quest menu.


You can then move to that location by selecting the quest, then press on “Move to”.

■ Which Crossroads quest should you select? “Choose any.”

You may get the “Crossroads Quest” option while proceeding with the main questline. You can check a synopsis of the storylines for each Crossroads quest when you highlight them.


No matter which quest you select, the overall gameplay is unaffected, but there are obtainable Knowledges and storylines that you can experience only for certain Crossroads quests. You can freely choose any Crossroads quest since you can continue with the main storyline once you’ve completed the Crossroads quest.

▲ It doesn’t matter which Crossroads quest you select. You can even check the number of times you’ve selected each Crossroads quest.


However, if you already are an Adventurer, you may see the [Crossroads] simplified questline after talking to Alustin, the Alchemist, in Velia. Please refer to the following since there’s a unique factor for the [Crossroads] simplified questline in Season Servers.


If you are a seasoned Adventurer, you can progress quickly via the simplified questline!

If any character in your Family has completed the ”[Pet] Bareeds' Junaid” main quest (can be completed once you’ve completed the Mediah main questline), you can skip the main questline up to the Mediah questline via the ”simplified” questline. You can also accept the "simplified questline" during the renewed Balenos main questline as a season character.

* Since there are two Crossroad points during the questline, you can also complete the entire main questline, then proceed with the simplified questline if you so desire.


Although you can receive the main rewards from the main questline every time you reach a certain level when selecting the simplified questline, you need to level up by finding and going to the monster zones yourself since you there are no main quests to complete.


It may be a fast way to progress a character for Adventurers who are well-adapted to the world of Black Desert. However, Adventurers who are not yet familiar with the game may have difficulty with the simplified questline, so think carefully before selecting.


■ Season Character Equipment

Season characters can only use gear that is specific to the season servers (it will ahve the season icon on the items)! This items are generally acquired through rewards of quests during the season.

Generally, you will want to acquire Naru gear, enhance it to PEN (V), then convert them to Tuvala gear. Then enhance this gear to PEN (V) and use them!


Season Pass

You can receive rewards for the progression of your character via the Season Pass on a Season Server. Also, you can refer to the Season Pass as a guide for details on the different contents available on a Season Server and how to further progress your character.

※ You can complete the Season Pass by talking to the Black Spirit once your character has reached a certain level while on the simplified questline.


Once you’ve completed all the Season Pass objectives, you can convert your season character to a normal character during the “Season Server Early Graduation” period.


There are Black Spirit Pass rewards for the Season Pass, and you can receive additional rewards with the Black Spirit Pass once you purchase it via the Pearl Shop.


The contents of the Season Pass objectives and rewards may vary depending on the Season.


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