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Adventurer's Guide

Energy Basics

Energy Basics


Energy is shared by all Characters in your Family. Energy is used to do a variety of things such as: gathering, chatting in server chat, obtaining Knowledge from certain NPCs, and more!


While Energy is spent performing actions, it is important to know that Energy recovers naturally! You recover 1 Energy per 3 minutes spent in the world of Black Desert and 1 Energy per hour you are logged off of Black Desert. Therefore, in order to naturally recover your Energy faster, you will need to be in the world of Black Desert.


However, there are other ways to recover Energy as well! You can install a bed into a residence that you own to recover 2x as fast as normal. You can also use special items such as Energy Tonics.


When you begin your adventures, the maximum Energy that you start with is 30. However, obtaining Knowledge will increase your maximum Energy points, so it is best to talk to every NPC that you can to obtain Knowledge!


▲ You will need the energy when gaining certain Knowledge, obtaining quests, or have specific interactions with NPCs!


Energy Usage


• Conversation
The Conversation mini-game allows you to obtain Amity with NPCs, which can be used to unlock other content such as Knowledge or items that can be sold. You can only have conversations with NPCs if you have enough of their interests as Knowledge entries.


The initial Energy required to start a conversation is 2, but will gradually increase as Amity increases with that NPC.

• Greetings
You can approach certain NPCs and tap the Y/△ to switch from “Interact” to “Greet.” Pressing “Greet” will have your character greet the NPC, which increases Amity. 3 Energy is used to gain 3 Amity.

• Stealing
Once you level up your Character a bit, going behind certain NPCs will allow you to “Steal” from the NPC. Tap Y/△ to reach the “Steal” option to try your luck. Each attempt will spend 5 Energy, where success will reward you with the NPCs belongings and failure will bring about the disappointment of the NPC, resulting in a large fall of Amity and a decrease in Karma.


• Learning Knowledge from NPCs
There are some NPCs who will teach you special Knowledge.
Each knowledge requires different number of energy points which you must use to learn it.

• Returning Defense Token
Defense tokens will increase your contribution points when you turn in certain amount of it. You can get it by defeating certain monsters. Turning in your defense tokens will spend 3 Energy.

• Server Chat
When speaking on server chat, each message that you send will spend 1 Energy.

• Gathering
All gathering activities except for fishing will use energy. 1 Energy will be spent every time you gather something.

• Bargaining
When playing the bargain mini-game with Trade NPCs, 5 Energy will be spent each time.

• Contracting Workers
Energy will be used when you make a contract to hire a worker with the Work Supervisor and when you ‘View Another’ worker.


• Node Investment
You can invest energy to a node to increase the Node Investment Level.
Increasing the Node Investment Level will increase the chance of you getting a better item from the monsters within that region.


Increasing Max Energy

Some quests will give 1-3 Energy back as a reward, but to properly manage your Energy, it is imperative to increase your maximum Energy.

If your maximum Energy is 10, even if you use up all your energy, it will become full again after 30 minutes has passed.
If you do not use your Energy right away at this point, the time to recover your Energy naturally through playing is not being used effectively. However, if your maximum Energy is 20 and you spent all of your Energy, then you have an hour window to recover it naturally. If it is 40, then you have 2 hours to recover your Energy naturally.

Not only that, increasing your maximum Energy is also imperative to gathering. More Energy means you can perform more actions without have to wait to recover your Energy back.

Maximum energy increases when you complete certain Knowledge sub-sections. Not all knowledge will increase your energy, so please check before you try to get it.
You can check which Knowledge category will increase your maximum Energy through the Main Menu > Character > Knowledge.


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