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Update 10/30 Patch Notes 10.29.2019

A new update has been released which adds our latest class, Mystic, some performance changes and more. Take a look below for more details.

Rescued from a war torn village, she was taught under a great master from a far off land. Although she didn’t enjoy martial arts, she felt that she owed the man who rescued her from certain death. Yet when she laid eyes on the striker, a fire burned inside of her. They trained relentlessly together, and as he went off to fight in a large tournament, she realised she was deeply in love with him. So she set off on a journey to the west to find him once more. Find out more about the Mystic in the GM note HERE 

The first part of our optimization updates is here. This update is aimed to help rendering within large towns and cities, including alleviating invisible walls and helping general issues such as frame drops. To perform these issues, we have had to reduce the number of NPC’s and interactable objects in these places. We also had to make sure that all current quests (and some future quests) will still work as intended, which took quite some time. As we reduced these numbers, we noticed that frame rates became more stable and invisible walls became less frequent. This is not a complete fix, but instead is the first step in many on improving the performance of the game.

That awkward period is here, where clocks are jumping back for winter time. We are therefore going to be adjusting the server times for world bosses and other timed events so that they remain the same time for all players once the clocks change. For EU, this change is slightly later than the change in clocks, and for NA it is slightly early, but we decided to change it now as we need an update to do so. Once your clocks change, everything will be back to normal and boss times will spawn normally. 



Guild Storage has been added which allows you to transfer guild items (such as Guild Boss scrolls) between Leaders and Officers. You cannot use the guild storage to store your personal items, only items that benefit guilds. 



Mirumok Ruins becomes even more dangerous as there is now a -50 DP debuff for adventurers applied when hit by either the Mirumok Lookout or the Mirumok Watcher’s self destruct skills. This DP will last quite some time so unsuspecting adventurers should keep an eye on the debuffs that have been applied to them.

Other Monster Changes
Fixed the issue where Awakened Boss Monsters from Awakened Scrolls would not disappear after 30 minutes
●Fixed an issue where the Ahib Griffon would disappear occasionally during a Guild Boss Mission.


When breeding or selling horses on the horse market, you will now receive an extra 5% tax refund if you have an active value pack.


A new awakened skill, ‘Frenzied Strikes I, II, III’ have been added. The majority of skills for the awakened warrior are not able to be used while they are off cooldown. This was never changed as it was an original design choice for the class, that their attacks would be slow but powerful, matching the heavy hitting ideal of warrior. This also allowed users who were good at weapon swapping to truly excel as the class, but made the class a burden for those who didn’t swap as often. Therefore we decided to add the skill ‘Frenzied Strikes’ which has a short cooldown and great damage. We have also combined Head Chase I,II,III into Head Chase, and skill points used to level the skill up have been returned.

● Head Chase I,II,III have been combined into Head Chase.
● New skill, Frenzied Strikes I,II,III have been added.

  • Fixed an issue where the Shai would change to idle stance when picking up items herself after defeating monsters while in her talent stance.
  • Fixed an issue where items would get enhanced multiple times in certain situations.
  • The World Map will now show Party and Guild Pings.
  • Fixed an issue where the Central Market would reset location when collecting silver.
  • Fixed an issue with Guild Voice Chat