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Updates [Update] 10/16 Patch Notes
Black Desert 2019-10-15 07:30


A new update has been released for Black Desert Xbox One! Check out the details below!



Reclaim the princess’ lost memories as the Tamer’s awakening is now available. Wield the Celestial Bo Staff alongside the Tamer’s faithful Heilang and devestate enemies with tandem skills. Learn more about the Tamer’s past in our GM Note [here].


For those who need to send a distress signal to their guild or party members, we have added the Guild/Party Ping to the Ring Menu settings! You will now be able to send your location to your guild/party members with ease. 


Another quality of life feature that has been added is the ability to lock your Black Spirit Rage skills. If you lock the Black Spirit Rage skill, you will still be able to use the skill, but without having to use the Black Spirit Rage form of that skill.


By defeating World Bosses, you will now also be able to obtain Heroes’ Song. This item contains a hymn written for the brave heroes that protect the Black Desert world. By reading the hymn, HP auto-recovery will increase for 30 seconds. This item is used instantly after obtaining it. 


Wacky Toshi has improved his skills as Marni Stones are now able to be exchanged after reaching lv. 64! You will still be able to collect samples after reaching lv. 62, but you will get significantly less Combat EXP from the exchange.


We are making a few fixes to a couple of classes of Black Desert. This are mostly functional changes and do not contain changes to many skills in the game.


  • Improved the visual effect of Executioner
  • Updated the skill description of Forward Slash to include “Pushes the target on good hits (PvE Only)”



  • Fixed an issue where the talent skill Do it Better! couldn’t be cancelled in the middle of the performance


  • The movement speed of the goblin you lead in the ‘Why Did the Goblins Run Away?’ quest has increased. 
  • Fixed the issue where Lahn, Archer, and Striker were not able to accept the ‘[Combat Promotion] Mediah Trio’ quest.
  • Fixed the issue where Archer and Shai were not able to accept the ‘[Awakening Weapon] Artisans in Mediah’ quest.
  • The defence stat of Node War forts have been increased by 20%.
  • Fixed an issue where you weren’t able to sell items to Samantrina in Acher Guard Post. 
  • Fixed an issue where the “Find NPC” function for the General Goods Vendor in certain locations of Helms Post would guide you to the wrong location.



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